Designing Effective Real Estate Prospecting Ads

There are a lot of niches out there for realtors, especially if you’re an independent broker looking to establish a new office. For real estate agents working under a broker, the key is to hone in on the strategies that fit your niche in the company. Whether you’re doing it all or you’re focusing on one part of the industry for now, prospecting for leads is a vital step in your success, and it’s always necessary. Lead generation principles are pretty broadly similar whether you’re looking for buyers or prospective sellers, but your materials should be specific about what you offer.

Fast, Concise, Powerful

Postcard-sized advertisements are inexpensive to mass produce and to mail, and direct mail programs offer them as an entry level for a reason. They’re also perfect for prospecting, because real estate is a familiar enough industry in the public’s mind that you don’t need to do a lot of explaining when you hang out your shingle. Instead, focus on using visuals that establish important details about the types of properties you handle and your role when designing your real estate prospecting postcards. Then use short but detailed language to lay out your appeal and your contact information. Avoid cluttering things up with too many links and options, but it might be good to include either a phone and email or a phone and website, so you capture customers with a preference for written contact as well as verbal.

Include a Call To Action

You don’t want a postcard to use small print that takes a long time to read, but you can use a concise sentence or two, or a sentence and some other information, like a bullet list or contact block. One example of a strong but short call for realtors seeking properties on behalf of investment buyers would be something direct. Need to sell your house quickly? We have buyers ready to close with cash. Two short sentences tell your whole story. Keep it simple and you’ll keep people’s attention, and that’s the key to converting people who see your postcard into people who act on it.