Deciding Between Break/Fix and Managed IT

All businesses, regardless of size and concept, rely on the IT systems and strategies they have created over time. These are the tools to connect with your audience, keep your business safe, enhance productivity, and keep up with the competition. 

Nonetheless, hiccups can happen, and finding the right IT support for your needs and budget can be challenging. 

While you can find several IT services, they can be summarized into two categories: managed service provider (MSP) and break/fix IT services. Break/fix IT services offer you the help of one IT expert when something goes wrong. 

They have undoubtedly been around for longer, but they might not still be the best solution for your business. The guide below will help you pick the best strategy for your business.

A Single IT Expert Might Not Be Enough

Businesses always rely more on their IT support and strategies and having just one IT expert checking out your systems might not help you resolve all the issues you are dealing with. 

Additionally, in the case of downtime, you will need your help to come through promptly and efficiently. Indeed, downtime, which is often caused by outdated equipment, disasters, and security breaches, can lead to a loss of profits, security, and customer trust. 

With break/fix services, you run the risk that your IT expert is unavailable because of emergencies or personal issues. 

Oppositely, an MSP will put at your disposal a team of experts who are available 24/7. This offers you the coverage you need to resolve an emergency situation quickly and with minimal disruptions. 

Break/Fix IT Services Won’t Have a Holistic Approach.

Break/fix IT services will offer you the expertise of a single IT professional who can’t manage much more than one task at a time. However, just like in the case of many other business aspects, IT systems are often interconnected and relying on each other. 

An MSP offers you an entire team of experts who can tackle many tasks at the same time and take a holistic approach to the problem.  

Break/Fix IT Won’t Focus on Long-Term Results.

The idea behind break/fix IT services is that you can count on prompt service without any future attachment. This can help you resolve a symptom of an issue in the system, but it is not likely to offer you a long-lasting solution for your business. 

Instead, MSPs will focus more on proactive technology and systems that can resolve the present issue while increasing long-term business productivity and efficiency.

It is also worth noting that when partnering with an MSP, you can count on working with the same team of experts who understand your business’s values and systems. This will make the job easier and more efficient.

Break/Fix Services Might Represent a Cost Variable

It is impossible to foresee the cost related to the maintenance, repair, and checkups of your IT system if you use break/fix services. This is because you cannot foresee when you will need this support, how often your systems will need repairing, or how much the company will charge you for it. Instead, MSPs employ a flat-rate system so you can always know what to expect!

Bottom Line

An MSP offers the coverage you need to see your business’s IT network expand. A specialized team of IT experts who work with you over time will also better understand the specific needs and goals of your brand. So you can count on tailored, long-term solutions that will solve any current issue and improve your business over time.