Dan Doyle Pleasantville Photographer Shares The 5 Best New Technologies For Photographers

Looking for new technologies helps photographers take compelling photos, create beautiful art, and grow their businesses. Each of these options helps you become a better photographer or bring your work to life. In each instance, understand the technology before embarking on a new business model. You can partner with others, or you can start a new career if these technologies provide the services you desire.

1. Computational Photography

Dan Doyle of Pleasantville recommends you look into computational photography to create collages or composite images. New software in this field helps you combine up to nine images in one. This is how corporations create a composite of their average customer, or this is how composite sketches are created for police investigations.

You can combine images to create an all-seasons photo of your property. You can combine pictures to create a composite image if your staff, or you can do the same for a family. You are creating art that goes far beyond the standard photograph, and you will impress your clients. Computational photography is a wonderful way for you to create unique images that are impossible to draw or create as collages.

You may also choose to use this type of photography when working with artsy clients. These clients want you to make something special, and you will show them an image they could never imagine. 

2. Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras are much less complicated and help you take clearer pictures. These cameras help you when you want to upgrade from the DSLR camera, and you may use these cameras if you work in natural environments with bright lighting.

Research these cameras when you are getting into professional photography, or choose these cameras when you want a camera useful for action shots like those at sporting events, concerts, or events. Mirrorless cameras are unique because they allow you to focus the camera better than you did before, and you must look at the difference between these cameras and your current camera. 

3. Video Capable Cameras

Dan Doyle of Pleasantville encourages photographers to use video ready cameras. These cameras are unique in that they provide you with the opportunity to create videos, toggle between both, and create more media. 

These cameras help you expand your business. You may choose to take videos for your clients, or you might use these cameras instead of buying a personal videographer. These cameras are exciting to use, and they offer clearer imaging than most old video cameras. You must also remember that investing in these cameras because you want to save money and offer double the services to your clients. 

4. Smart Cameras

Smart cameras are an excellent option for new photographers as they connect with an app on your phone. You can set up these cameras on a tripod, control them with an app, and take as many pictures as you like. Smart cameras help you adjust your images, change the focus, and even edit on the device. 

Adding filters and cropping images on your phone or tablet gives you more control over your work. You know how much work you can get done in a short period of time when editing in the field, and you can show your customers the finished product before returning to your office. Smart cameras also help you change the flash, attach extra lighting, and move the camera when needed.

Smart cameras also allow you to review your camera roll on your phone. There is no need to pull SD cards from the camera when you can save everything to the cloud, access photos anywhere, and send them wherever you please.

5. Better Batteries

Better batteries come to the market every year, and new batteries last much longer than before. You can use these batteries on long projects, weddings, events, and more. Ensure that you choose better batteries when setting up your projects. You can use these batteries when traveling, and they are easy to charge.

Use smart cameras with improved batteries as you can monitor their battery level. You know how much power is left, and you are not caught off-guard when using these cameras in the field. Running out of battery power is the most stressful and embarrassing things that can happen. Ask your seller for special batteries that suit your camera or purchase new batteries when you believe your old batteries are no longer functional. 

You Can Take Better Photographs Today

You can use new photography technologies today when looking to make an impact in your community or your business. Look at what your options are as you plan to expand your business. You can become a preferred photographer in the area, and these tools change your life. You need these technologies if you want to improve. Clients can see the difference, and the art you create looks flawless.