Careers that Change Lives

Everybody works a job. We all go to high school, college, or even graduate school, and we then pursue a profession. We might work in the food industry, politics, or start our own business. You might not know what profession you want. You do know, however, that you want to help people.

Some people are content to work with computers, numbers, or a bottom line. You know you won’t be content unless you make people’s lives better. It is hard to find a rewarding job that changes lives, so for you, the pursuit is a complex one.

We’ve tried to make your search easier. While there are a lot of jobs that help improve the world, these 6 are some of the most important. Each one changes lives, every day. None of them are easy, but all of them are rewarding. If you want to work a career that changes lives, you could consider one of the following professions.


While a doctor gives you a diagnosis, performs your surgery, and handles the biggest details of your health situation, a nurse is there through thick and thin. Nurses have a difficult job, but they do have a well-paying, rewarding one. Most universities offer a course in nursing, from certificate IV courses in Melbourne to classes at your local community college.

A nurse checks up on patients throughout his or her shift, administers medication and IVs, and makes sure to meet the patient’s needs. It’s not a job for the faint hearted, and the hours can be grueling. The reward, however, is great. Nursing is one of the most powerful four-year degrees available, and nurses change the lives of patients every day.


Some people think of lawyers as sharks, bad guys who sneak in and divert justice. If a criminal pays a lawyer, and the criminal walks free, who do you blame? Lawyers, while some might practice questionable ethics, have a lot of legal power. Some of them use it for their own advantage, sure. However, others use it change lives.

A lawyer has the power to change someone’s life, for the better. Everyday, lawyers in Vancouver fight for the rights of accident patients, immigrants, and the victims of crimes. If you’ve got a sharp mind, an aggressive nature, and a desire to help people, then becoming a lawyer might be right for you.


As a pharmacist, you might work at a local drug store, handling patient prescriptions. While some might think of a pharmacist as a check-out person, someone who hands over a purchase, a pharmacist goes to school for the same amount of time that a doctor does. You’d handle patient’s care, but in a more secluded setting. Your skills would make sure they receive the proper medication and dosage that the doctor recommended.

Besides working at a drug store, you could also work as a pharmaceutical scientist, developing drugs for patients. As a drug developer, you would hire clean room construction and work in a private lab. It could take years to develop a drug, but you could make a breakthrough that changes lives worldwide.


If you enter the field of psychology, you have quite a few career options. You could study human behaviors, cultures, and more as a research psychologist. You could work in hospitals and attend to the emotional needs of patients. You could counsel addicts, from alcoholics to smokers, and counsel them on quitting strategies, like the best vapes to try or support groups they could join. You could work as a talk therapist, helping patients unlock their past pain and grow beyond it.

You’d have many options if you wanted to enter the workforce as a psychologist. With any choice you take, however, you’d be changing lives every day. Doctors care for the body, but as a psychologist, you would care for the mind. It’s an exciting, much needed profession, and your work could make a difference.


Teaches don’t make a great salary. They’re surrounded by disrespectful, disruptive students all day, and they’re trying to help those students learn, even when the students don’t want to. It might sound like a nightmare for some, but for a lot of teachers, there’s no other profession that would fulfill them more.

Teaching might be difficult, but it’s rewarding. If you worked at a school with broken families, you could be the most parental influence in a student’s life. That’s a lot of pressure, and a lot of power to do good. Teachers are among the most influential people in the world. If you want to change lives, teaching could be the right career move for you.

Social Worker

A social worker works in many of the same places as a psychologist, but their jobs are very different. While a psychologist focuses on healing the mind, a social worker is concerned with improving immediate life conditions. A social worker might work with the elderly, hospital patients, addicts, or abused children.

In every job, a social worker is trying to improve the lives of the people they work with. They might make sure a hospital patient is getting their emotional needs met. They might have children removed from abusive home environments. Social work isn’t easy, and it’s not the job for you, unless you’re willing to make tough calls. Those tough calls, however, could change someone’s life.

It’s not easy to find a career you love. Most people are frustrated by the work they do, and whatever job you choose, you’ll have days when you’re frustrated, too. The right career can leave you feeling satisfied, however, and good about the work you’re doing. If you want to change the world, consider one of these careers. Each one is unique and offers different opportunities. Each one plays to the strengths of certain people. Start investigating the perfect career for you today.