Buying a New Bike & Thinking About Bike Tech – These Gadgets Will Get You Excited

Owning a good quality bike has many benefits, it can get you through rush hour traffic and into work on time or it can be used as a recreational tool to help you stay fit and healthy. If you have decided to buy a new bicycle, you may be thinking about bike tech. When you have a look at what is on offer, you’ll be anxious to get your bike and start adding new kit. These innovative gadgets and accessories will surely make your day.

Choosing the Right Bike

Before you start thinking about bike accessories and new tech, it is important to buy the right bike for you. If you plan on going off road and exploring nature trails, there is no point in buying a road bike. Similarly, mountain bikes aren’t a great option if you plan on using your bike to commute to work in the middle of the city every day. If you want to take up cycling as a sport, you’ll need a good quality racing bike. Consider your needs before you invest in a bike and think about what you’ll be primarily using it for. If you plan on using it on the roads, but you aren’t serious about racing, a hybrid may be a good option.

LED Wheel Lights

LED lights can now be installed on your wheels and on other parts of your bike. You’ll pay more attention to your wheels when you’ve LED lights attached to them. Bicycle tyres suffer the same problems as car tyres, but most of the time we tend not to notice. If you’ve LED lights on your bike wheels, you’ll attract plenty of attention at night and you’ll easily spot problems with your wheels.

GPS Bike Computer

There are several top of the range GPS computers that are especially designed for your bike. Some of the most advanced pieces of tech allow you to connect the device to your smartphone, giving you the ability to set up data fields, track performance, and share your ride data. They can be mounted on the front of your handlebars and they have a large digital that is easy to read as you ride.

Smart Helmet

There is a smart helmet on the market that features integrated brake and turn signal lights. This amazing piece of tech keeps you visible and safe on the road, especially when you are riding in poorly lit areas. Helmets are essential for your safety, but this new gadget takes safety to a whole new level. A wireless device mounts to your handlebars and lets you control the smart helmet. It allows people to anticipate your next move.

This article has looked at some incredible bike tech that is currently on the market. If you plan on investing in a new bike and you’d like to add some of the latest tech, these new gadgets will get you really excited. Before you add accessories, it is important to choose the right type of bicycle for your specific needs.