Best Hays County Lawyers: Local Top-Rated Family, Personal Injury, and Criminal Defense Lawyers:

From a fall at the grocery store to a custody battle to being charged with a DWI, there are a myriad of reasons why you may need to hire a Hays County lawyer. While legal representation is an absolute necessity, the process of vetting a lawyer is often long and arduous and can add unnecessary stress during an already tumultuous period. For those looking for a Hays County lawyer, here are picks for the county’s top-rated family, personal injury, and criminal defense lawyers. 

Hays County Family Lawyers:

Jeffrey Connelly of Cofer and Connelly PLLC:

As a third-generation trial lawyer, Jeffrey Connelly has a tested background in negotiation which is particularly useful as a family lawyer and the head of Cofer and Connelly’s civil litigation practice. Connelly is a respected Hays County lawyer well-known throughout the Texas hill country. With a client-centered approach and a limited caseload, Connelly has garnered a variety of favorable outcomes for divorces, custody agreements, spousal support, and complex property divisions. For his prestigious representation throughout the Austin metropolitan area, Connelly was named the Austin Chronicle’s “Best Lawyer in Austin” in both 2021 and 2022. For a free consultation with Connelly, call (512) 991- 0576.

Jacqui Mcnutt of the Mcnutt Law Firm PLLC:

As a San Marcos family attorney, Mcnutt provides pragmatic and diligent representation for complicated family matters and has extensive experience counseling victims of parental alienation. The recipient of the Amjur Award in Children in the Legal System, Mcnutt has an acute understanding of the impacts the judicial system has on minors and will always prioritize the wellbeing of any children involved in a case. For a free consultation with Mcnutt, call (512) 212- 4840.

Hays County Personal Injury Lawyers: 

Jamie M. Lynn of The Carlson Law Firm:

The Carlson Law Firm is among the largest and most notable personal injury law firms in Texas, and Jamie M. Lynn from the Round Rock office is among the top-rated personal injury lawyers in Hays County. Lynn is a celebrated partner at The Carlson Law Firm whose expert litigation has aided in awarding millions of dollars in damages to his clients in a wide range of personal injury cases from plane crashes to workplace injuries and wrongful deaths. As a graduate of the Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming, Lynn routinely and zealously represents complex cases at trial and has been recognized as the Carlson Firm’s litigator and attorney of the year. For a free case evaluation with The Carlson Law Firm, call (866) 404- 3037.

Thomas J Henry of Thomas J Henry Law:

Despite being located in Austin, with 25 years of experience as the managing partner of a nationally recognized personal injury law firm Thomas Henry is undoubtedly among the top personal injury lawyers in Hays County. As a renowned trial attorney, Henry has headed several multi-million dollar settlements and is a frequent speaker for the Texas Bar and a variety of law organizations. For a free consultation with Henry’s firm, call the Austin office at (512) 520- 0221.

Hays County Criminal Defense Lawyers:

Brad Vinson of Smith and Vinson Law Firm:

With experience representing cases from simple traffic infractions to capital murder charges, Brad Vinson is a premier criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in both state and federal court. A passionate and professional lawyer, Vinson is dedicated to his clients and provides 24/7 service answering any questions and explaining any laws pertaining to a client’s case. As the co-founder of the South Texas College’s Law Society, Vinson has educated countless up-and-coming attorneys on important and controversial criminal law topics such as mass incarceration and the death penalty. For a free consultation with Vinson, call (512) 359- 3743.

Rick Cofer of Cofer and Connelly PLLC:

Specializing in serious felonies, Rick Cofer is regarded as one of the best defense lawyers in the country. With thousands of cases and over 100 jury trials padding his resume, Cofer has worked in some of the most prestigious courts in Texas and has defended some of the state’s harshest criminal offenses, maintaining a 94% dismissal and acquittal rate for all cases since 2019. For a free consultation with Cofer, call (512) 991- 0576