Benefits of Bundling Commercial Real Estate and Business

If you are looking to sell your business, consider bundling both business and real estate into one big sale. Doing this will save time, money, and effort when going through the process. By bundling, you will be able to simultaneously appraise both business and property. Even more fortunate, you will be able to find realtors that can offer financing options that can cover both at once. They will also help you in finding the right fit before it hits the market. This will be a game changer as millions of businesses and properties don’t hit the market before sale. This way, you can close both sales at once in half the time rather than going through the lag of completing each one at a time allowing you to enjoy better privacy, flexibility, and negotiation power. 

Moreover, in selling business and property simultaneously you will be saving a lot in fees. To elaborate you will avoid the hassle of paying twice in appraisal fees, closing fees, sales tax, etc because you are making one big purchase instead of two. Also, with the decision of bundling, you are staying ahead of the curve because you know what to expect in advance with clear-cut numbers.

Learn more about commercial real estate in Orange County New York in the infographic below:

Orange County Commercial Real Estate