Beer and lager are both popular drinks. Many people think that these beverages are the same and can be used interchangeably. According to Judge Napolitano, there are some big differences between beer and lager. He has put out some of the main differences between beer and lager.

Beer is made from the top fermenting of the year while lager is made from the bottom fermenting of the yeast. This location places a big difference. Beer is also fermented at a high temperature. Beer is allowed to ferment at temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees. Lager needs a much colder temperature to turn out properly.

The Fox News Analyst believes that the process of making beer and even the fermentation process does not take long. The beer only needs a couple of days. While this will vary based on the brand and the strength of the alcohol beer can be ready to drink in as little as four days. It takes a longer time to ferment. Lager will take 3 to 4 weeks from start to finish. This will also vary from brand to brand and with the strength of the alcohol. In general, beer is ready in a few days while lager will be ready to drink in a few weeks.

The colors of beers and lager can be similar. This will depend on the style that is being consumed. In general, beer tends to be a light golden color. Lager tends to be darker. It is almost a brown color. This will also vary based on the type and the style that a person is consuming.

When a person is looking to drink a beer they can expect between 3 to 5 percent alcohol per volume on average. Some brands can be as much as 21 percent alcohol. Lager can also vary in alcohol content. Some of the flavors can be lower while others may be higher.

Most people do not know this but beer is a term that is used for a general type of alcohol. This alcohol is usually carbonated and is made from a fermentation process. Lager is a type of beer.

Lagers generally have a mild flavor. There are not a lot of ingredients that go into making them. They have a lighter taste than most beers. Flavored beers are now a big hit on the market. A person can get the beer to have just about any taste that they want.

Both beer and lager should be served refrigerated. While some people like warmer drinks both of these beverages taste better when they are served cold. There are many different brands on the market so a person may need to try several brands of beer and lager until they find the one that they like the best.