Backup Your WhatsApp Messages Before November 12

You want to use WhatsApp because there are many contacts in your list you do your businesses with, share your assignments and notes, hang out around with some fun messages and videos.

Why are all these so convenient with WhatsApp? Because it is free.

And these messages are precious to you, and you never want to lose them.

On the other side, you are running out of your phone space as well. This problem is even going to get worse on November 12. Yes, you heard it right, because Google and WhatsApp have been agreed to share storage quota of google drive for WhatsApp backups.

What are the details of this agreement and how can you restore WhatsApp backup data after November 12 are discussed in detail here.

Google initiated a policy of sending out a message conveying that any of the existing WhatsApp backup copies that haven’t been updated in last 12 months will be removed unless people execute a manual backup before the date above.

So, first let us know how can you backup WhatsApp now so that you can avoid losing your data:

  • Go to the settings of WhatsApp
  • Tap chat backups
  • Tap the backup button

Isn’t it that easy?

Well, that’s a great agreement for every WhatsApp user. It is good for ones who are running out their phone’s space and google drive space. Those google drive users who usually had to pay to buy 15 GB extra will be more facilitated. The drawback is, the users who are very conscious about their privacy will be reluctant to perform their WhatsApp transfer to google drive storage quota.

One thing which is important to know is that the end-to-end encryption in google drive won’t let you save your WhatsApp messages. WhatsApp will not protect those messages.

On the other side, Google is trying to inform users continuously that if they have not updated their backups more than a year, then their data will be removed without any notifications. However, WhatsApp backups will no longer eat up the storage quota after the agreement.

This contract is going into effect for people on November 12, 2018, though quite a few users may see the allowance benefits earlier. To protect yourself from the loss of any backup copies, it is recommended that you personally back up your WhatsApp before Nov 12, 2018.”

And protecting some old data, backing up the communications and media to Google Drive means that you’ll have the ability to easily recover them while you change your phone or buy the new one.

If you are going to switch from Android to iOS and want to recover the WhatsApp media and messages, you will be at a complete loss. While you backup WhatsApp on the Android smartphone, the backup will be saved to Google Drive. The Android WhatsApp application makes use of Google Drive to restore and backup. The iOS WhatsApp makes use of iCloud, and this is the reason you will not prefer to switch to the iPhone unless you back up the data manually.