AI’s Revolution of the Job Market

A quick search on social media sites such as LinkedIn make it clear that there is currently a lot of anxiety from workers about the future of their jobs. The buzz about AI’s ability to automate processes on an unprecedented level draws a lot of concern to a lot of jobs’ potential to become obsolete. Thankfully, these fears will not entirely come true; while there will be a displacement of 85 million jobs thanks to the capabilities of AI, there will be a simultaneous creation of 97 million jobs related to AI by 2025. The main concern for workers will be making sure their skills are relevant to the needs of this technology. 

The United States is leading the world with introducing AI to their workforce by a huge margin. At least 1.5% of American job postings in every state are related to AI, with states such as California and Texas having significantly higher rates. Overall, there are 173,000 open AI jobs, which is almost 8x larger than India, which is the runner up. Many of these jobs require a lot of technical knowledge, such as an understanding of machine learning and natural language processing. Prospective job seekers are encouraged to heighten their understanding in order to remain competitive in the workforce.

Where are the world's AI Jobs?