AI Makes Insurance Claims Easier and Cleaner

Healthcare insurance is very often a big headache for anyone who has to deal with it, from patients, to administrative staff, to healthcare professionals. The tediousness of filing claims, claims being denied, refiling, and so on is not only annoying, but is often fraught with errors along the way. 

The issues with insurance aren’t just limited to irritation with the process, but the administrative overhead is a huge chunk of all medical costs in the US. Not only that, but many hours and billions of dollars are spent correcting errors. Each of these errors fall back to information having to be entered by people. 

Sometimes patients write down information incorrectly, insurance may have lapsed, information may have been entered incorrectly by professionals, etc. There are many errors that could happen with virtually any interaction throughout the process. 

With the advancement of AI, there is a solution to these errors. Using automatic processes to take information, process claims, and communicate between medical professionals and insurance companies can drastically reduce the risk of errors from start to finish. 

Making the change from manual to automated insurance card scan, healthcare professionals can save billions of dollars, office staff can save time and money, and patients can get a clearer understanding of their costs for procedures up front. 

While human intuition is necessary for many things, insurance capture isn’t one of them. AI can help reduce the frustration of working with medical insurance.

Insurance Capture & Verification Automation Matters More Than Ever
Source: OrbitHC