Meet Hamed Wardak

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1977, Hamed Wardak spent his childhood in Pakistan before moving to the US. His father, who served as Minister of Defense from 2004 to 2012, contributed immensely to Hamed’s vision of future life. Hamed’s father worked hard throughout his career to bring sustainable peace in the troubled Afghan nation, something that Hamed endeavored to espouse early on in his professional life.

Hamed Wardak cultivated a very successful career as a businessman and has more recently found very creative, yet stable roots in his new endeavor as a music producer, music composer, and DJ in the techno music world. When Hamed Wardak steps on stage to present the world his new music he becomes his stage alter-ego Valen of Wicked. Wardak and Wicked’s style of music is cut from the techno music cloth, but infusing local sounds and environmentally-focused patterns within his songs, they are creating whole new techno for the world to take hold of. 

Here are my thoughts on Hamed Wardak’s Music website.

Attractive layout for the Hamed Wardak Music Website

Hamed Wardak music blog has been designed in such a way that readers meet Hamed before proceeding to the rest of the sections. It introduces Hamed as the Valen of Wicked and gives a useful background to his life and career. Readers immediately get the impression that Hamed has a unique personality, thus, heightening their interest to further scroll down the page.

His portrait and the amazing graphics on the page further add to the beauty of the design. They also add to the allure of the site, drawing visitors to delve deeper. At the very top is the musician’s name followed by his brand of music. For those who may not be in the know concerning this brand of techno music, a brief insight is provided at the very top of the page: purely electric.

Hamed Wardak Music Supplies You with the Techno Details

Readers will be impressed by the detailed information on the Hamed Wardak Music website. This information ranges from his background to the events in the pipeline for his techno music. It is quite helpful since readers don’t have to open another tab on their browsers to search for more information.

The site delves into the world of techno music, giving all the important information that one would require. Even if you were new to this kind of music, visiting this page would enlighten you. You will leave the page confident that you know what it is, and with the interest to sample it.

Moreover, Wardak provides useful tips to help DJs advance in the music industry. This information brings out his philanthropic nature, always with the heart to help others make it big in the music industry. He outlines the common challenges facing upcoming music DJs and proceeds to offer practical suggestions on overcoming them.

For the uninitiated, the site gives detailed information on techno music. With the knowledge that not many people may be versed in this type of music, he provides a simple breakdown of the music. Many people enjoy their favorite brands of music without really grasping their basic concepts.

Updated and interactive

Updated and current, this site features the current month of the year. This means that the information presented is fresh and quite contemporary. It also means that Hamed is striving to get any new information and pass it on to his readers. Readers can also leave their comments on the site, having interacted with the information.

Hamed Wardak treasures feedback from his readers and fans. It helps him to know whether his work is impacting society in the right way. He also appreciates the fact that readers’ reactions are important to the improvement of his website. To ensure privacy and confidentiality, the site makes it clear that it does not share a reader’s personal information, such as emails.

An interesting and informative blog

This website combines several interesting and informative blogs revolving around techno music. You won’t find Nirvana coverage here, just techno. This implies that it can be the go-to site for readers seeking more information on techno music and how to make it in the music industry. It is quite appropriate even for people who read for pleasure.

This website is also a source of inspiration. It encourages readers on various topics, most specifically concerning music. Aspiring music producers, DJs, artists, and performers will always find something to inspire them on this website. For instance, one of the blogs asks them to explore their full potential without considering their age since age is nothing but a number.

Final word

Hamed Wardak music website is largely informative and entertaining. Readers get to know much about techno music at a glance at this site. It also features an attractive design, striking color palette and combines all the techno music information you need all in one place.

Check out Hamed Wardak Music for yourself today.