8 Ways Cyber Attacks are Preventable

Whether your business is large or small, there is no denying that a cyber attack can have a huge negative impact on your business. From security breaches to the loss of important data, cyberattacks pose a threat to everyone. Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent an attack on your system. From training your employees to spot cyber threats, to increasing your overall security, you may be surprised at the difference a few small changes can make. With that in mind, here are 8 ways cyber attacks are preventable: 

1. Increase Security

Increasing your security should be one of your main priorities when it comes to preventing cyber attacks to your business. From using password protection for sensitive data, to thinking about the safety of the IT systems you’re currently using, the more you’re conscious of the threats and what you can do to maintain the integrity of your business security, the better your business will be protected. 

2. Invest In New Company-Owned Tech Devices 

Another great way to prevent cyber attacks to your business is to invest in company-owned tech devices. Whether that means investing in your own servers or your own company phones, using technology used solely for employment is better for your security as long as you make sure the devices are synced in their security measures.

3. Train Your Employees to Recognize Cyber Threats 

Because employees are actively using technology, they are your greatest assets to recognize and prevent cyber threats. By training them to recognize warning signs, you can be sure that it’s all hands on deck when it comes to protecting your business. 

4. Use a VPN 

If you’re looking for a way to securely connect workers, whether they’re in the office or working remotely, a VPN is the preferred option. With protected file sharing, anonymity, improved performance and enhanced security, VPNs are a common IT solution for businesses in the Kansas City area. Other benefits of VPNs to businesses include: 

  • You can change your IP address from one country to another so your location cannot be traced.
  • You can unblock websites and bypass filters, which is great for countries where internet censorship is applied
  • The maintenance cost is very low

If you’re unsure whether or not a VPN is a good option for your business, talk with an IT service provider to better understand if the benefits would work best with your business formula.

5. Invest in Security and Productivity with a Managed Service Provider 

For those looking for a full-service package, working with a managed service provider is a great route to take. By working with an IT company in Kansas City, you can coordinate your IT systems with a trusted and reliable team. From managing your networks to improving your overall security, a managed service provider can free up your time by working on the areas that can often take up valuable time in your day. Not only that, they will also be able to help you curate IT systems that not only protect you, but allow you to work more efficiently too. 

6. Have an IT Company Complete an IT Assessment of Your Network 

If you are unsure whether or not you’re already using a network that is considered safe, it might be worth speaking to a Managed Service Provider. They will be able to look at the systems you’re currently using and identify whether or not you need to make any changes in order to increase your security. Following the assessment, they can update you on any changes that need to be made.

7. Store Sensitive Data In The Cloud

If you have a lot of sensitive data as a business, you may want to consider using secure methods of storing it in the cloud. Not only can it be a safe option when it comes to storing data, but it’s also a recommended way to ensure you don’t lose important data should you be the victim of a cyber attack. With everything stored on the cloud, it’s much easier to recover following downtime. 

8. Use MFA and Secure Passwords

Finally, ensure you’re using strong passwords with capital letters, characters, and numbers with all your business logins. If you can, use multifactor authentication (MFA) to make it harder for attackers to decipher and break through.

With many tips and tricks to bear in mind, you can be sure you’re doing all that you can as a business to prevent cyber attacks. For more information when it comes to preventing cyber attacks and how to improve your security measures, get in contact with an IT company in Kansas City, and they will be happy to answer any questions.