8 Festive Ideas for Decorating Your Home’s Exterior for Christmas

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When the holiday season arrives, you probably start thinking about the size of the tree you’re going to get or what kind of decorations you’re going to hang on the walls. However, the exterior of your home should be included in the cheer as well. Here are a few ideas to consider so that everything from your yard to your porch is merry and bright.

1. Hang Lights

Whether you have large columns on your front porch or slender posts, there are numerous ways that you can decorate these exterior components for the holidays. An option is to string lights around the posts. You could use colors for a fun look, red and white to make them look like a candy cane, or white for something that’s a little more elegant. Try to get lights that are of a size that complements the size of the posts, such as larger lights for bigger columns.

2. Accessorize the Mailbox

Since the mail doesn’t stop during the holidays, you can add a few decorations to this feature of your home that’s often the first thing that people see. A large bow can be wrapped around the box, but make sure the door is still accessible. You could drape the ribbon down the sides of the post. You could also wrap the mailbox to look like a present with a large bow on the top.

3. Style Trees

If you want a simple design, then consider getting fresh trees of different sizes to put in containers. You can hang small ornaments or lights on them for a festive look. Small pine trees blend well with the holiday season and can match the larger tree inside your home.

4. Don’t Forget About Hidden Areas

Areas of your home that are sheltered with open sides can be decorated as well. Place a picnic table in the center of the area with placemats, candles, and other items that blend well with the design that you have inside. You could also make a fun scene with candy canes, bright ornaments, and stockings for children.

5. Add Stars

When you think about Christmas, one of the things that you could imagine is a bright star. Carry this idea over to the exterior of your home with stars of different sizes that are hung on one exterior wall of your home or that are hung on your windows. The stars can create a soft glow on a winter night.

6. Make the Door a Present

Presents aren’t the only things that you can wrap for Christmas. Try a few different designs on exterior doors so that family and friends are greeted with a cheerful look when they visit. Once you’ve wrapped the door, you can add a large bow or a wreath, especially if you choose a plain color.

7. Use Extra Ornaments

You probably have plenty of ornaments for the tree inside your home, so why not put a few that are left over in containers that are displayed outside? Clear containers can be placed on stairs or along pathways and can contain a variety of ornaments and baubles to brighten the way for when you’re walking outside.

8. Create Gift Boxes

The Christmas season is often known for giving, and wrapped presents typically come to mind. You can wrap a few empty boxes that can be displayed on your front porch or even in your yard if you can find boxes that are big enough.

While many of the Christmas decorations that you see are for the interior of your home, there are a few clever ideas that you can take outdoors. Have fun with the designs that you choose, enjoying the season with family and friends.