7 Wedding Presents Perfect for the Couple Who Has Everything

7 Wedding Presents Perfect for the Couple Who Has Everything

Shopping for a couple who has everything can present a lot of challenges. Instead of picking something off a retail shelf for a wedding, you have the opportunity to select wedding presents that stand out. Give a gift to a couple who already has everything that they will appreciate and remember well into the future.

1. Original Writing or Artwork

Use your creativity to present a newlywed couple with something that truly comes from the heart. As you prepare for their wedding day, you can come up with an original writing piece like a poem or personal essay. Not only can you share the work publicly at the wedding, but you can gift the words as well. For example, you could frame a poem that you wrote for the couple and they could display the poem in their home.

2. Hot Air Balloon Rides

Give a newlywed couple the gift of an experience with a hot air balloon ride. A hot air balloon ride creates a romantic atmosphere as a couple glides up through the sky and sees spectacular views. You can purchase a gift certificate for them to book the ride when they want or book a trip for them right after the wedding as a fun experience to mark their first days as a wedded couple.

3. Embroidered Tea Towels

A personalized product offers a lot of thought and gives the couple something they can share and display together. Consider embroidered tea towels for a couple. The towels can include their initials and will feel even more special if one partner is taking on the last name of the other one.

The tea towels can also include an embroidered symbol on the design. The symbol may include their wedding flowers or a special animal that represents the couple. Get creative with the design and give a wedding present that is cherished for years to come.

4. Subscription Boxes

Give a wedding gift that extends beyond just the wedding day. Subscription boxes can feature a wide range of items that couples will enjoy. For example, if you ordered embroidered tea towels, then you could sign a couple up for a tea bag subscription box. Every month, the couple will receive flavored tea bags to try and sample. Other options include clothing items like socks or snacks from all around the world.

5. Picture Products

Another way to personalize a present is through a photo product. Consider items like a custom photo puzzle, a photo pillow case, or a photo cutting board for the kitchen. Use engagement pictures from the couple if you have them available and make the gift feel special.

6. Live Event Tickets

Another experience to consider is live event tickets. If you know the personal interests of a couple, then you have the opportunity to purchase live event tickets for concerts, sporting events, or other special events.

7. Date Night Baskets

Create a custom basket that gives the new spouses a fun little date. For example, you could put together a picnic date night basket with a blanket, some LED candles, and food to enjoy. You could put together a pasta basket so they can share a romantic pasta dinner together.