7 Ways to Protect Your Hardwood Floor from Moving

Moving is stressful as it is without having to worry about damage to your home. Protecting your hardwood floor from moving day can help save you time and money. Here are seven ways to protect it:

1. Clear a Path

Before the movers arrive, make sure that all furniture is cleared away from where they will be walking so they can move freely and safely. Also, be sure to cover any high-traffic areas with cardboard or plastic sheeting for extra protection.

2. Use Protection

Place felt pads underneath the legs of all furniture pieces in order to reduce scratching on your wood floors. Also, invest in a few rolls of shrink wrap and use them to cover upholstered items like chairs, couches, pillows, and rugs before moving them out of the house.

3. Furniture Sliders

Using furniture sliders makes it easier for the movers to move around heavy pieces without having to drag them across the floor. This will also help protect your hardwood from scratches and dents.

4. Carpet Runners

If you have any rugs or carpets that need to be moved, lay down a carpet runner first on top of the hardwood floor in order to avoid any potential scratches or gouges while moving it out of the house.

5. Cover Up

Place plastic sheets over any areas where there won’t be a lot of foot traffic but you still want extra protection, such as near doorways and along walls. Be sure to tape the edges of the plastic down securely.

6. Clean Up

After all of the furniture has been moved out, use a vacuum cleaner or a damp mop to clean up any dirt and debris that was left behind by the movers.

7. Wax On

Once your floors are completely dry, it’s time to apply a fresh coat of wax in order to help protect them from future damage. This will also help give your hardwood floor a fresh and shiny look!

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your hardwood floors remain beautiful and damage-free during your move. Protecting your floors from moving day will save you time and money in the future. Good luck!