7 Door Lock Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

Door lock problems are the one thing that’s common between every property owner. If you ask any commercial buildings or homeowners, they would tell you they’ve faced a door lock problem at least once or twice in their life. However, most of the people who have door locking problems, unfortunately, don’t call a locksmith until it’s too late. For this, we have 7 door lock problems that should not be ignored!

Key broken in the lock

This is a very common problem with door locks. Sometimes, when you’re opening the  lock of your door, the key gets stuck inside and breaks, it’s usually because the lock is very old or hasn’t been used in a long time. People tend to ignore this problem. However, when a key breaks inside the locks, it not only damages the key but also has damaged the lock. Even if you find someone to remove the key out of the lock, it is highly recommended for you to change the lock as soon as possible! 

Loose Locks and door knobs

Loose locks are extremely common. People ignore them because they’re getting the job done. What people don’t bring under notice is that if your key is easily unlocking the door, any other key would unlock the door as well. This is a pretty alarming situation and if you have loose locks, get them tightened up immediately. 

Broken Lock

One might wonder that this is an obvious problem and if the door lock is broken, you would notice but in most cases, what happens is that a broken lock is not visible. The inside functionings of the lock are very complicated and well hidden behind the locks, sometimes, those functionings can be loosened up or broken and you would have no idea. The real question is when to call a locksmith to get your locks checked? You can notice a broken lock through: 

  • Slow working of lock 
  • Key stops working even though the lock is fine 
  • Key rotation doesn’t work properly 
  • Key gets stuck inside the lock 

If you notice any of the above, it’s time for you to call a locksmith in NYC!!

Misalignment of locks

It is very common for a door and it’s locking mechanisms to be misaligned. If you’re familiar with the technicalities, you would notice that the latch is not lined up with the strike plate. Due to this, your door lock may not work properly. For something like this, if you notice that your door lock is acting a little different than usual, you should call a locksmith in SOHO and get your locks checked and repaired ASAP! 

Weather has an impact on your door locks

Yes! You heard that right. Weather can impact your door locks very easily. Weather can wear down your locking mechanisms and cause failure of your door locks to work. In freezing temperatures mostly, the door lock freezes up and the key doesn’t quite fit in. For something like this, you can warm your key before inserting it inside the lock. In some extreme hot cases, the heat expands the locks sometimes, but that’s rare. However, if you are unable to unlock your door, call a locksmith!

Jammed locks

Sometimes the locks of the door get jammed which causes the key of the lock to not function properly. There are multiple reasons for locks to get jammed. One of the main reasons for a door lock jamming is because of the buildup of debris that clocks the internal mechanisms of the door. Another thing is that if the latch or lock bolt is broken, then the door can also be locked. For something like this, you can apply lubricant to the door lock to smooth it and the key to enter the lock easily or you can get the lock replaced by calling a locksmith. Second option is better because it’s safer! 

Turning lock cylinder

In order to lock or unlock or lock the door, you simply place your key into the door lock cylinder and turn it. However, if you insert the key and the entire lock cylinder turns, that means there is a problem with your lock. This is a problem that is the easiest to resolve because when something like this happens, it’s usually because the set screw is damaged or loosen. If you want to fix this problem on your own, you need to know how to be able to access the set screws that hold the cylinder in place. This means that you will have to remove the faceplates. However, if you’re unable to do this on your own, you can get a locksmith.