6 Warning Signs That a Floor Coating Needs to Be Redone

6 Warning Signs That a Floor Coating Needs to Be Redone

A floor coating is a layer of paint applied to the floor, generally to protect the floor from wear and tear and add a shiny, easy-to-clean surface. If done correctly, it can also extend your foot’s life by adding extra protection against damage.

1. Cracking or Splitting

If cracks start to develop, this might result from moisture damage, which may have made it through a damaged wax seal or an improperly sealed floor beneath the coating. If cracking is severe enough, water could get through to the wood, causing structural damage and a considerably higher repair cost. Excessive moisture can also lead to splitting into some areas. If your floors aren’t installed correctly, cracks will appear between each piece of hardwood.

2. Peeling

Peeling signifies that the floor coating is wearing away and failing to do its job correctly. It could indicate poor application or damage to the varnish or paint beneath it due to moisture, chemicals, or other factors.

3. Stains Won’t Wash Off

If stains don’t wash off the floor, it might be due to improper floor coating application. If there is any moisture between the coated surface and the wood beneath, problems can develop. It can cause staining. Also, if your floor coating was applied during humid times of the year or after floors were cleaned with harsh chemicals, these could weaken its protective properties over time. Remove these stains with a commercial-strength cleaner for hardwood floors.

4. Sagging

Sagging is a sign of water damage beneath your floor coating. It may be mild or need to be assessed by an expert to determine the cause and extent of the problem. It’s important to fix water damage as soon as possible because wood swells when it absorbs water and shrinks when it dries, causing cracks and splinters.

5. Odor

Foul chemical odors are a sign that the wet film on your wood floor has gone wrong and needs to be redone; this is generally caused by improper application or damage to the layer of varnish beneath it. The foul smell also represents a fire hazard, so you should have it redone as soon as possible.

6. Dull and Patchy Appearance

If your finish looks dull or patchy, this is a sign of damage to the floor coating that is addressed immediately. Several potential causes, including moisture damage or improper application, can cause the floor coating to fail over time. If these issues aren’t resolved, they could damage your hardwood floors.

As you can see, many signs indicate that a floor coating might need to be redone. Talk to your flooring contractor or repair professional if you notice these signs. The best thing you can do to maintain your floors is regular maintenance, including regular cleaning and waxing. If your foot is damaged by water damage or any other reason, don’t hesitate to get help. Your floors are probably one of the essential parts of your home – and they deserve proper care and attention.