6 Actionable Tips To Help Your Dinosaur Theme Park Attract More Visitors

Running a dinosaur theme park is no easy feat. You’ve got lots of overheads to pay, such as employees, utility bills, and taxes. And then there’s the cost of marketing and advertising to consider as well.

If your dinosaur theme park is profitable, you probably already know what you’re doing and don’t need to read this blog post! But, if you’re struggling to get the numbers in, don’t fret because this handy guide is for you!

Why aren’t people visiting your dinosaur theme park?

The sad truth is there could be several reasons why folks aren’t flocking to your theme park. For instance, it could be down to its location; if it’s hard to reach by public transport or road, few people will make an effort.

If the location is near a major town or city, the issue might be down to something you are doing wrong. Not sure what to check? Take a look at the following actionable tips to learn what areas you might need to improve:

1. Your dinosaur theme park props have seen better days

Imagine paying money to visit a theme park only to feel “ripped off” afterwards. That’s precisely how the majority of your visitors will feel if they pay to see mediocre props!

Like any business, your dinosaur theme park will need continual investment to grow and thrive. If you aren’t investing any money into your theme park, it will show. And one of the most obvious ways is with old, outdated props.

That’s why it makes sense to keep your props looking great! Take a look at sites like onlydinosaurs.com as an example. I can guarantee you that your old props look nothing like those animatronic masterpieces!

2. Your theme park is boring to walk around

Let’s face it: your customers are paying to visit a theme park. They expect to feel excited, inspired and struck by awe as they venture around it. What they don’t want to do is feel like they’ve wasted a few hours of their lives.

How diverse is your dinosaur theme park? You need to think about the settings of where dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. That means having diverse areas with lots of trees, mountains, and rivers.

You don’t need to spend billions terraforming your theme park. The trick is to give visitors the illusion that they have ventured into a tropical rainforest-like environment.

3. Make each visit educational and fun at the same time

You might think that kids only want to see cool dinosaur exhibits. But, both children and adults alike also want to learn more about these prehistoric reptiles. That’s why it’s crucial to make each visit both fun AND educational at the same time!

There are many things you can do to create a truly spectacular experience for your visitors. You could:

  • Have hosted talks by dinosaur experts that engage with everyone;
  • Create a wilderness adventure trail where people can learn as they uncover clues to reveal some dinosaur “treasure”;
  • Set up an area where visitors can unearth dinosaur fossils.

4. Your marketing might be letting you down

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s this: first impressions count! With that in mind, you should be grabbing your audience’s attention from the outset.

Sometimes if your marketing isn’t up to scratch, potential visitors may not know you exist! Have a review of your marketing strategies and advertising. How well are they connecting your dinosaur theme park with your audience?

If you feel that your marketing agency isn’t conveying your message properly, go elsewhere. You need an agency that understands your business and isn’t just taking your money for little work.

5. Your dinosaur theme park might not appeal to the right audience

Even if your marketing works, the problem might be something as simple as you targeting the wrong audience! It might seem strange, but some entrepreneurs don’t know who visits their theme parks!

To resolve that problem, you need to determine who visits your theme park. Are your visitors of a particular age group? Do they come from a specific area? Perhaps your visitors are those that yearn to learn rather than want to look at cool animatronics.

When you examine the types of customers that visit your theme park, you’ll learn a great deal about your audience. 

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6. You are charging too much money

There’s no getting away from the fact that times are hard for many people. As a result, they don’t want to spend huge sums of money to visit a theme park.

Consider lowering your prices or offering special promotions. If your customers feel they’re getting excellent value for money, they’ll want to come back again. Plus, they are most likely to tell their friends and family to visit!