5 Ways Corporations Can Improve Employee Morale

When the Monday morning alarm clock finally hits 8 A.M., the first feeling you may experience is confusion, followed by stress, denial, and finally, acceptance. It’s an endless vicious cycle. No one wants to go work when they’re required to, but most of us would be pretty lost without the structure and purpose that work provides for us.

Fortunately, some of us eventually land that dream job after years of hard work and busting our humps. Yet, sometimes even a dream job can turn into a nightmare if it’s for the wrong company or firm.

In today’s growing economy, finding highly qualified labor has become a lot harder than ten years ago. In fact, employee retention continues to be one of the biggest challenges affecting businesses of all sizes.

Obviously, improving employee morale is quintessential to your turnover and retention rate. Beyond this though, your company can significantly benefit from having happier employees.

Multiple studies have shown that happier employees tend to be more productive. Happiness is infectious and all it takes is for one motivated leader to grow a company and improve his/her employees’ productivity. That’s why we’ve developed a list of five ways you can actively improve your company morale at the office.

Be a Mentor

After the acquisition and on boarding process, it’s important to focus on training and education to foster your employee’s growth. This process should be as smooth and fluid as possible, so you can position new hires to become leaders and adapt to your company culture. Being hired to a new job is stressful, so make the process as easy and digestible as possible to keep your staff happy and comfortable. Never put an employee in a position to fail.

Celebrate Success

I’m a major believer that positive reinforcement offers far more motivation and success than negative reinforcement. Whether it’s providing employees with a raise or just praise, the end result is a happier employee. Rewarding employees not only motivates them to operate at a highly level of performance, but it shows them that you care and notice them.

Create a Wellness Program

There are plenty of experimental and unique corporate wellness programs that have provided great success for companies. There are so many ideas from mandatory outside breaks to bringing in a massage firm once a month to let employees relieve stress. Healthier employees make for happier employees and so on.

Make Them Believe in Your Mission

There are instances where employees will take a pay cut just to work with a specific manager or company who shares their vision. Who wants to work with a room full of employees who don’t believe in the very work they’re doing?

From the top-up, it’s important to get your employees to back your company’s mission. When they believe they are working for something larger than themselves, it inspires them to work harder to achieve a goal of such high magnitude. “You may say im a dreamer, but im not the only one.”

Give Them Reasons to Succeed

The definition of a dead-end job is pretty self-explanatory. That’s why it’s so important to have incentives and programs in place that help employees advance professionally or personally. That’s why so many companies hire within. Whether it’s offering yearly raises or giving an employee more responsibility, you must always have opportunities in place for your employees to advance.