5 Traits the “Best Places to Work” Have in Common

Winners of the coveted “best place to work” award have a lot to be proud of, as being a workplace that employees love means more than happy workers. Happy employees do their jobs better and more joyfully, and that translates to the customers. When a company wins a best workplace award, you know they’re doing something right. Here are five things award-winning workplaces have in common.

1. A Clear Vision

The best places to work have a clear and inspiring mission that employees know and can support. Feeling a part of something bigger than yourself can be motivating to get to the office every Monday and put in a solid effort all week long. Employees want to know what the company stands for and they want to personally get behind that vision.

2. A Strong Culture

A strong culture that aligns with the company vision is another award-winning attribute of great workplaces. A strong, positive culture leads to a healthy and vibrant workplace where employees feel valued and comfortable. It is also a key piece in attracting and retaining the best talent, because everyone wants to be happy at work.

3. Feedback and Recognition

Employees want to know where they stand. Regular opportunity for feedback leads to personal growth and improved performance. Meaningful recognition for a job well done puts credit where credit is due, helps employees feel appreciated, and motivates achievement. A great workplace also encourages employers to offer feedback to managers and executives in order to give them a voice in their workplace and hold leaders accountable.

4. Open Communication

Employees want to know what’s going on in the company, beyond the day-to-day work in their own teams. The best places to work keep an open dialogue about company goals, growth, and setbacks to help employees feel like they are in the loop and more vested in their work. Leadership teams at all levels are transparent and quick to recognize and correct missteps.

5. Growth Opportunities

The best places to work are also invested in their employees’ careers. Employees should feel like they have opportunities to grow professionally and to advance both to new positions and new levels of performance and achievement. Good workplaces offer mentorship programs, trainings, and other professional development opportunities.

Happy employees make for an overall happy company—and, ultimately, happy customers. The best companies invest in their employees and work hard to create a great workplace that attracts talent and performs well.