5 Tools to Help Web Designers Work Remotely from Home

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, several small and large companies have been leaning toward remote work. The COVID-19 outbreak certainly nudged almost all companies to make their employees work from home. Without a doubt, most people, including web designers, had difficulty adjusting to the new normal. However, a good laptop with strong Wi-Fi access and some great web design tools made it all the more possible for web designers to work more productively remotely. 

That being said, a few tools have proven to be extremely helpful in allowing web designers to work remotely. 

Cybersecurity – Ensure Your Privacy with a VPN

Problem: As a web designer, every time you design or update a site, you send information over a connection that can be intercepted by anyone. This is especially applicable to situations where you’re using Wi-Fi that isn’t password protected. 

Solution: A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an indispensable tool for web designers. Not only does it protect their privacy and information but it also helps access blocked sites and accounts. With a VPN you can work comfortably from home knowing that you’re completely secure. 

Storage – Use a Cloud Storage Device

Problem: Ever since the world has gone digital, most offices and companies have made sure to back up their systems to contain the loss of information. When working from home, system malfunctioning or power outages can cause you to lose a project you’re working on.

Solution: Using Google Drive, Dropbox, or another cloud storage tool is a great idea. Not only does it automatically keep saving your changes, but it also allows team web team members to work collaboratively on any file.

Collaboration – Work with Ease through Screensharing

Problem: Web design requires a lot of collaboration between people. Working remotely makes it quite difficult for web designers to communicate and collaborate with their web development teams. There will be situations in which screenshots, gifs, and other visual explanations won’t work well. 

Solution: It’s time to take advantage of video calls with screen-sharing options. Apps, such as Zoom and Screenhero, are a must-have when you’re collaborating on the same project. In the case of web designers, we recommend Screenhero as it offers voice chat in addition to multiple mouse cursors, allowing everyone to be in control. 

Project Management – Streamline the Workflow

Problem: Designing drafts, discussing mockups, or deciding on website prototypes is much easier if the entire web development team is in place. In the case of remote working, many people are working in different time zones. This can slow down the feedback cycles considerably. 

Solution: Streamline your workflow to make it more efficient through InVision & Usersnap. Invision allows web designers to store and discuss new design drafts. This app is also quite helpful for web developers and project managers as it helps keep track of drafts to make sure that nothing gets lost. 

Creativity – Brainstorm and Share Ideas 

Problem: With teammates spread across various locations due to remote working, it is difficult to bounce ideas off of each other, like in in-person situations. Even if a web designer is skilled at what they do, interactive brainstorming and sketching between the entire web development team are required to create a great website. 

Solution: Sketchboard is an endless virtual whiteboard for interactive sketching to improve interactivity and collaboration with teammates. This app creates a very similar experience to the one in which a team gathers around a whiteboard for some visual brainstorming. 

Bottom Line

Work from home, especially for web designers can be a bit hectic and all over the place. With the tools mentioned above, you as a web designer can work anywhere you want and ensure not just your online privacy, but also your productivity to sky-rocket!