When it comes time to move, people can get stressed out very easily. There’s so much to be done and organized before the movers arrive and all of it must be completed on such a tight schedule.

From packing up boxes to deciding what furniture will actually fit into the rooms in your new dwelling, it can seem like more than one person can handle.

However, organized moves are much easier than unorganized ones so if you want to keep your sanity and not drive yourself crazy trying to remember what boxes fit where, use these tips for an organized move:

The first tip is obvious but may be overlooked by many movers; label the rooms that each box contains contents for onto the outside of each box. This way, when the trucks arrive at your new place and the movers unload all of the boxes, you’ll know right where everything is to be placed in your house.

The second tip is also very obvious but again, especially if it’s a fast move – e.g., you’re moving from one apartment to another in the same complex, those packing tips may be overlooked. In this case it’s best to pack as many belongings as you can into boxes that are either the same size or close to it. This way when the movers have multiple boxes of a similar weight and size they won’t have to worry about dropping one with breakables inside because the boxes are too large for them to manage alone.

The third tip is to not underestimate how much you’ll actually need of your most frequently used belongings. For example, if you like having ample clean towels in the bathrooms, they should all go into one box and be placed back right away instead of being left out to dry on a clothesline or a makeshift curtain rod.

The fourth tip is to have the movers place your furniture where you want it instead of moving it around yourself, if possible. If not, then do as much as you can before they arrive and after they leave because that furniture is going to be very heavy and, unless you’re very strong, probably incredibly difficult to move around on your own.

The final tip is to be aware of everything while the moving process is going on and while you’re still in the old dwelling so that you don’t miss anything important or forget where something belongs. It’s also a great idea to have someone there whose sole purpose it is to remember where things go, so you can focus on other things.

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