5 Technology Lifesavers for Restaurants and Bars During COVID-19

With the right technology, your business will survive the pandemic and be able to adapt to the necessary changes to keep everyone safe.

restaurant technology in COVID-19

Many businesses have recently been saved by various technological advancements. These updates have allowed businesses to operate safely and effectively, to ensure that their business continues to profit despite the pandemic. 

While businesses may have to operate with social distancing, extensive sanitizing, masks, and other preventative measures, technology has allowed so many different businesses to stay open- even if their premises have had to shut down to the walk-in public. 

Below, we’ve put together five specific ways that technology has been a lifesaver for many businesses during the pandemic.

Online Ordering Systems

More and more restaurants and bars, as well as other stores and businesses, have transitioned to a form of online business. Why? Well, with people in lockdowns all over the world, being available online is vital for bringing businesses customers. 

If businesses can’t depend solely on customers coming to them, they have had to find ways to make themselves more accessible to their customers.

Having the right restaurant ordering app is essential for restaurants (and some stores) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Customers can easily order what they need, and pay for it digitally for delivery or pickup.

You can use this ordering system to reduce the point of contact with the individuals at the physical restaurant, as well as organizing delivery for customers that are unable to leave home. Offering pickup and delivery options allows for more flexibility and a higher likelihood of getting business.

With the right app, customers with all smartphones and varieties of technology can contact you and pay for your services.

Employee Scheduling Optimization

Having sick (or quarantined) employees is a matter that must be taken more seriously than ever. An optimized employee scheduling system will enable your staff to see available shifts to pick up, as well as request time off for quarantine and illness.

Shift covers and time off can be organized by employees, which is a massive help to employers who are used to rearranging shifts themselves. This keeps employers from having to take valuable time to coordinate who can work and who cannot.

At-Table Ordering

We’ve talked about restaurant ordering apps, but these extend to people in a restaurant, too. Most buffet service restaurants are not offering traditional buffet-style eating, but they are offering at-table ordering via an app. These digital systems will reduce contact between employees and wait staff.

These digital systems give customers time to look at a menu, order food, and pay for it at the table. This reduces wait times, as well as allows the customer to have access to the same choices as they would before the pandemic.

Digital Reservation Systems

Reserving a table online is easier than ever with the right technology. 

COVID-19 has forced many businesses to implement a patron limit. Having limitations on the number of patrons may mean that reservations and a digital booking system are necessary. Restaurants are also able to give a limit on time spent at the restaurant. 

A digital reservation system can calculate waiting times, too, notifying others when reservations are ready to be taken. This can increase the engagement you have with customers and show that you are taking the COVID-19 measures seriously. 

Contactless Payment Systems

Utilize a point of sale system that allows customers to use mobile apps or wearable devices to pay for their food. These systems may include ApplePay, SamsungPay, or other digital debit cards. This prevents your staff from touching cards and cash that may pass on germs.

A point of sale system doesn’t have to be sanitized too often if contactless payments are used. Customers will appreciate the effort that you are going to adhere to the rules and ensure the safety of all those at your restaurant.

Technology is changing the way we eat and interact with people, and loyalty is key to the success of a business. Introducing new practices that will make your customers feel safe will increase customer loyalty, which in turn increases the percentage of returning customers and word-of-mouth marketing.

With the right technology, your business will survive the pandemic and be able to adapt to the necessary changes to keep everyone safe.