5 Surprising Tips for Customizing Your New Construction Home

5 Surprising Tips for Customizing Your New Construction Home

There’s always going to be a market segment looking for pre-designed or turnkey homes that are ready for moving in, and the simplicity that comes with that appeals to many aspiring homeowners. However, there’s also a growing number of buyers looking for custom-built homes that they can create or make their own. Designing and building something that meets your specific needs and aspirations can prove quite beneficial over time in terms of affordability and quality. While you might crave and enjoy full creative control over the process, you might not realize just how far you can go in terms of this. The following are five potentially surprising ways to customize your new home build.

1. Consider Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Framing your bathroom mirrors might be an option to consider if your new home is slated to have frameless versions to start with. Custom framing hides mirror edges, and you can stain or paint whatever color you want if the perimeter of the mirror is wood.

2. Think About Door Hardware

You might only think about door hardware in terms of opening, closing, and locking doors, but just a few tweaks can make amazing changes to your home’s vibe. Standard options are satin nickel and stainless steel, but you might want to look at bronze, black, or brass options. Unique designs can instill a high-end vibe.

3. Install Architectural Features

Homes come in many different architectural styles, but you can choose to incorporate elements from many different styles as you see fit. Personalize your home with wainscotting, ceiling details, and crown molding. If you don’t like your current baseboards, install something taller or just add trim molding above them and then paint them to look unified.

4. Paint Makes a Bathroom Difference

If you love the style you currently have with your bathroom vanities but are looking for a bit more wow factor, then think about painting them. This simple step can take something relatively mild into custom territory that delights your senses. Just be sure you prime the vanity before you paint it.

5. Alter the Vent Covers

You might not realize it, but choosing different vent covers can impact the visual aesthetics of your home. Review the current vent and return covers to see how much you like what’s in place right now. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out just how many different styles and patterns are available on the market, and many of them are easy to install with simple screwing. Just make sure you measure your open vent interiors when you remove the current covers in order to replace them with the same size.

Whether you do your own construction or use anew home builder, the process of seeing the house you have dreamed of become a reality is a rewarding experience. Whether you’re in the early stages of designing a build or looking for ways to make tweaks you want, customizing your new construction home will help you improve your quality of life there and make it match your personality and vibe.