5 Strategies To Improve Your Bulk Email Campaign Performance

Email is pretty much as old as the internet, and it has been used to find new prospects, engage them and sell to them for almost just as long. Yet, surprisingly, this relatively old online marketing channel is still widely used because it effectively gets results.

You likely have an email account, and you probably use it daily, just like over 4 billion people globally. That is why it remains an important channel for disseminating organic and marketing content.

Businesses continue to create bulk email campaigns, which is a promotion technique that allows advertisers to send a single email to multiple prospects.

For your campaign to perform well, however, it requires proper planning, strategizing, and execution. But not all companies are well-equipped with the necessary resources to optimize their bulk email campaigns.

For this reason, most businesses opt to use a bulk email service, which enables them to improve their campaign. 

How Can You Improve Your Bulk Email Campaign Performance?

Email marketing aims to ensure that your email ends up in the primary inbox of your target audience.

Too many emails often end up in the spam or promotional inbox. Following are 5 strategies you can adopt to avoid that:

Declutter Your Mailing List

Utilize email list-building tactics to develop your mailing list. In addition, keep updating your list regularly.

If you don’t upgrade your mailing list, your bulk email will target outdated email Ids, spam Ids, or even Ids that no longer exist.  Your emails will not deliver to most recipients this way, and your bounce rate will be high.

To ensure that your mailing list is clean, note down the email Ids that failed to deliver. Then, remove all such Ids as well the ones that unsubscribed.

Optimize Content For Mail Copy

For a person to open your email, it must have a catchy yet short subject title. First, identify what message you want to convey. Then, come up with a creative subject title for it. Make sure your subject lets the consumer know how opening your email will benefit them.

Keep your email body short as well. People don’t have time to read wordy text, so even if they open your email, it will likely remain unread. So, choose a single point and address that in your email.

Another thing to look out for is spam triggers. These are keywords that mark your email as spam or promotional, sending them straight to the spam folder. So, remember never to use suspicious words and phrases associated with Free Gifts, Schemes, and Promises. Moreover, don’t add too many links as they may also get your email flagged.

Add a personal touch to your mail copy to delight customers because the open rates for personalized emails are 5% greater than generic ones. One way you can achieve this is by adding the user’s name to your email. Your mail copy should also read like it’s written for a specific individual.

Focus On Layout

The way you design your mail copy impacts how many readers go through it. Your layout should be aesthetically appealing, making the user want to spend time on your email.

But more than that, your layout should be feasible for use. Ask yourself: is it easy to read? Is it visually appealing? Can people access it on multiple gadgets?

As 53% of people open emails on their mobile phones, your layout should be phone-friendly. If a phone user opens your email, it should fit perfectly onto their screen.

The content should also be easily accessible on the phone. So, tailor it accordingly; shorten your subject line, limit the number of images you insert, and size your CTA buttons accordingly.

Use A Warmed-Up IP Address

Use your business email for bulk email campaigns. If that isn’t suitable for you, then create a separate Id to send out mass emails.

Before you send out mass emails, legitimize your IP address with ISPs. You can do this by actively using your email Id beforehand.

Send individual emails to different Ids; this can also include conversational emails with your colleagues. Next, send the first bulk email to your most engaged subscribers.

It would be best if you initiated a bulk email campaign only after you’ve tested out your emails and removed bounced emails.

Track Metrics

You can gain vital insights by tracking your email metrics. For example, knowing how your target audience engages with your email content will help you curate focused content. It will also help you determine areas that could use improvement.

To make the most out of email metrics, track them regularly. Some of the things you can note are your open rate, response rate, and unsubscribe rate.

These will tell you how many people are interacting with your email. Additionally, you can observe the extent to which users engage with your email.

Lastly, incorporating the feedback you receive from your metrics will aid you in strategic marketing planning.

In Conclusion

A bulk email campaign is a beneficial marketing tool. According to 80% of marketers, email marketing generates new leads and retains existing customers when it’s done right.

But to enjoy the ROI produced by such campaigns, you need to implement appropriate strategies that enhance the performance of your bulk email campaign. Sometimes, optimized content and layout, decluttered mailing list, and warmed-up IP address can make all the difference.