5 Reasons to Switch to an MSP During the Pandemic

managed IT services

Regardless of size and mission, many businesses today rely on a whole technology infrastructure to efficiently complete daily tasks. Even more importantly, these systems are what drive data security, evaluation, long-term strategies, and innovation. 

However, as the pandemic and ensuing lockdown hit industries, businesses have found themselves looking at both the positive and negative side of technology. Cyber attacks and cybersecurity breaches have increased, but some businesses have leveraged technology solutions to the point that they have become essential to maintain productivity. 

How many companies have opted to combat these challenges while still harnessing the potential of remote technology solutions is by hiring a Managed Service Provider. An MSP helps businesses secure their data while aligning their technology with their unique needs. 

Here are 5 reasons it’s smart to switch to an MSP during the pandemic:

1. They Will Upgrade Your Cybersecurity 

All businesses understand the importance of data and data analytics. The details collected from consumers and market research are what drives product design, marketing campaigns, and business innovation. 

However, that data is constantly under attack by threat actors. Hackers seek to take advantage of any vulnerability in your systems to access your valuable data and steal it, sometimes even holding it ransom for money. Investing in an MSPs with focus on security allow you to set up your team with protection tools such as:

  • Email protection
  • Backups
  • Firewalls
  • Anti-malware 
  • Risk assessments and risk management solutions
  • 24/7 system monitoring

These services work together to protect your systems round the clock so that any new vulnerability that arises is immediately patched and identified. Further, these services help you align your cybersecurity strategy to your specific business operations, giving you an added layer of security.

2. They Will Provide a Long-Term Strategy for Your IT 

Daily IT tasks are what make your business run each day smoothly. These are also essential functions when it comes down to providing user assistance and customer support. 

However, these tasks can also become cumbersome, leaving no space for your in-house IT team to dedicate themselves to your business’s long-term growth strategy. When something so disruptive as a pandemic hits, it is essential to reevaluate the current strategy and create other, better-suited long-term solutions. 

Managed Service Providers can analyze your business and create a streamlined solution aligned with your business’s vision, mission, and goals. While this is an aspect that many businesses still fail to consider, it can truly make a difference between a winning or losing strategy.

3. They Are Often Well-Versed in Specific Industry IT 

Just like in the case of the intrinsic IT challenges of healthcare and the specific compliance like HIPAA, every business might have different requirements that need to be met. Some industries might need stricter privacy and security systems, while others have to deal with an increased number of users. 

Training an IT professional in a certain industry can take prolonged time frames. Instead, Managed Service Providers are often up to date with industry-specific requirements and compliance needs and have worked with other companies in your industry. This gives them an advantage in being able to tailor their services to your industry and governance needs.

4. They Save Your Business Money 

Single-salaried employees can represent one of the main costs for a business. However, training sessions and courses, innovations, and technology can also weigh down that cost. 

Managed Service Providers come at the same cost as a single salaried employee, but offer the services of an entire full-stack team. Additionally, MSPs are represented by a group of professionals with different IT specialties and backgrounds, giving you access to greater resources. 

This range of resources, as well as the fact that your IT will be more aligned to your unique business processes, can help your business reduce IT costs, especially in the long run. All this and you can continue to remain competitive and up to date with the latest IT innovations.

5. They Can Provide Service Continuity as Well as Business Continuity 

As we have seen, creating an IT strategy that aligns with your business’s mission and vision is essential. However, this doesn’t matter much if your IT provider can’t fulfill service level agreements during unexpected times like what we’re now facing. 

MSPs who offer service continuity on top of business continuity strategies for your own company are well-positioned to operate at full capacity for prolonged timeframes. This is something that a single in-house team member, employed for a limited number of hours each day, might struggle to do. 

If you are looking for complete IT coverage, monitoring, backup, and strategy creation, a Managed Service Provider might be the solution you need. If you have decided to take your business online or increase your virtual presence, you will need such services to meet a worldwide audience’s requirements. This kind of optimization is what will ultimately set up your business for growth and development—even through a pandemic.