5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Car Shipping Carrier

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Car Shipping Carrier

Shipping an automobile from one location to another is complex and can be quite confusing when deciding which transport company, you will choose for the job. Many different things need to be considered, as well as some important questions that should always be asked before finalizing your choice and moving forward with any car transportation service. By asking these important questions before contacting potential carriers, you’ll have much better insight into the carriers you’re dealing with. It’s also a good idea to ensure the companies you choose to follow through on their commitments. If they don’t, you might be disappointed when the new vehicle shows up at its destination. The following are the questions to ask when selecting a car shipping carrier.

1. Is the Shipping Carrier Registered?

Most states require shipping services providers to register with the state to conduct business within its boundaries. Registering ensures that customers are protected by law against shoddy transportation practices or unscrupulous business dealings. Ensure that the company you select has been properly licensed by the state where they intend to ship the vehicle.

2. How Long Do I Have to Wait to Receive My Auto?

Once you’ve selected the perfect car shipment package for your vehicle, it’s time to factor in the waiting period required before the vehicle arrives at its intended destination. Some shipping carriers might not tell you how long it takes to get there, but if you want to know exactly how long you should wait for a specific vehicle to arrive at its desired destination, check the terms and conditions each carrier provides. Some may offer extended transit times based upon the number of days that elapse between picking up the vehicle and delivering it to its next destination.

3. Do You Charge Additional Fees Per Mile?

This depends on whether you have chosen an open carrier (one that does not have specific routes) or one that travels on set schedules. Companies like UPS, which maintain regular deliveries, usually charge more than those who travel on a “just-in-time” basis. However, if you need a certain date delivered, it pays to shop around and try to secure the best rate available.

4. What Type of Insurance Coverage Do You Provide?

All major carriers are legally obligated to insure their shipments for theft and accidents. The amount of liability coverage varies by carrier. Sometimes, you can even opt for higher levels of protection the carrier offers. Check out what level of coverage is offered by all the carriers you are considering before signing on the dotted line.

5. What Happens After You Pick Up the Vehicle?

This is a question that many people overlook until receiving the bill. Many companies will give you the option of either picking up the vehicle yourself or having them drop it off at your address. Remember that charges could be added depending on how far away the location is from where you live. Always make sure to confirm this information well in advance of picking up the vehicle.

The right car shipping company can make a world of difference regarding how quickly your vehicle is transported and the quality of its delivery. Ask the appropriate questions to ensure you get everything you came here looking for. Remember, no matter which carrier you choose, it’s ultimately up to them to deliver!