5 Major Pioneers of Smart Home Technology

With the emergence of AI and smart devices, the modern home is becoming revolutionized with a focus on convenience and expediency. Although it is true these devices increase the price of the house, people (especially those of younger generations) see it as an investment in creating a more comforting and convenient living space. Thanks to the help of experts, developments in smart home tech are becoming faster, better, and more streamlined. To be in the know on the future of smart technology, here are 5 people you should know in the world of smart devices.

The first person you should know is Marja Koopmans. She is the Director of Health and Smart Home at Amazon. Her contribution is that she Leads global product, engineering, and growth for smart home devices. The next major player is the founder and former CEO of Nest Labs Tony Fadell. He engineers smart thermostats and smoke alarms for home and business owners. Moving on the list is Dr. Saraju Mohanty. He is the Director of Smart Electronic Systems Laboratory at the University of North Texas. Develops smart devices for city infrastructure to improve the lives of millions. 

The next figure we are looking at is Diane J. Cook. Diane was responsible for researching sensors in home automation, robotic home care assistants, the habits of smart homeowners, and ambient intelligence in home automation. Last but not least we turn to Jim Sutherland, engineer for Westinghouse Electric. Invented the ECHO IV home computer, considered the first smart home device.

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future