5 London-Based Tech Startups Plowing the Way 

London has made a name for itself in the last few years as a city poised for business expansion. They’ve excelled in the categories of big data , agile frameworks and smart city technologies, which has boosted the economy and paved the way for brand new businesses. There’s thousands of years of culture and history in that civilization, which entrepreneurs can use as a strong foundation for their businesses. 

In particular, the city’s overall advancements London-based startups are making in online marketing, big data, cloud technologies and similar innovations has put them on the map as far as both business and technology are concerned. In 2016, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on the British city and all the advancements happening within the borders. Here are some of the most exciting data-businesses emerging this year. 

1. CityFalcon

This online publisher and investment tool that began in the depths of London’s inner city uses data to create the best user experience possible. This company is a one-stop investment tool that provides financial news stories, online connection with investment gurus, and related tools to those looking to grow their investment skills. 

The use of big data is the reason it provides such strong customer service. The platform uses information based off of search history, purchasing records, and recorded investments to deliver the user a newsfeed filled with all the tools and articles one could ever want when starting out. It’s been widely recognized by Twitter, Standard Bank, UBS, and the Ministry of Ontario as one of the most personalized publishers for financial news.  

2. Onfido

More and more of the UK sharing and on-demand community are beginning to use Onfido as their primary source for background checks. This platform surfs the web, collecting data and translating it to provide the user more information than just a criminal record. It also looks at whether or not the person in question can be trusted based on social standing. 

Traditional background checks were made to be used offline, but this innovative system has derived a structure that can be accessed online and remotely. It uses machine-learning software and similar tech to verify people, learn details about their lives and history, and report these learnings on a scale of trust. It’s becoming an extremely popular resource for hiring employees. 

3. Ujo

The creative universe is beginning to rely on Ujo for all its copyright and automated licensing needs. It makes it easy for users to both learn about  the rights of a certain song and claim the rights of an original. It uses smart contracts to automate the license to a song and the royalty payments that come from it. 

It started out as a tool that can be used for the amateur musician, but it received its first major client near the end of 2015 when Imogen Heap, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter, collaborated with the company to license some of her songs and get the smart, internet-based platform going.

4. FinGenius 

FinGenius is connecting the banking world with artificial intelligence in a big way. It’s difficult for those not immersed in the subject to understand everything that goes into banking, and FinGenius has created an AI platform to answer customer and employee questions. It can be integrated into most financial organizations in order to improve the customer experience and ease the burdens of banking officials. 

AI has been utilized over and over by companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and IBM, but this is one of the first companies to successfully branch off into a specific niche. It has likely set the precedent for hundreds of businesses in the future. 

5. HeySuccess 

This smart platform, like the name suggests, revolves around introducing students and recent graduates to success in international opportunities. It also provides a useful aid for organizations, companies, governments, and universities to recruit talent from all over the world. It does so through accessing the profiles of students all over the world and helping to connect them with their best matches in success. 

Thanks to the use of big data, this company has created bridges for aspiring leaders between the UK and other countries like the US and Israel. In 2016, the company estimates they’ll have more than one million registered users, 100,000 generated opportunities, 500 B2B customers, 50 university partnerships, and six offices all over the world, including their London HQ, San Francisco, and Singapore. As it offers global connections, HeySuccess and similar London startups stand as a testament of the many things big data can do for company and global success.