5 Investments Denver Businesses Are Making in 2022

Denver, Colorado, USA downtown cityscape in the afternoon.

Denver businesses are making several large investments in 2022. Denver is a growing city, with an ever-evolving business culture. Denver businesses are focusing on different areas of the future to shape their investments for this goal.

The first type of Denver business that is investing heavily in 2022 is technology centric businesses.

Denver’s industry also benefits from having a high number of available talented workers. This makes Denver ideal for technology companies looking to place roots in an area full of qualified individuals. Companies such as Google Fiber have already made a significant investment in Denver for this reason. The company has invested $150 million so far in Denver and plans to invest another $300 million before 2022. Other technology companies have been following suit by opening up offices here, including Adobe and eBay. Denver businesses are making this area a priority by offering incentives to these companies to help them get Denver residents gainfully employed.

The second Denver business investing in 2022 is the oil and gas industry. 

This industry has been hit hard over the past two years with oil prices dropping significantly, but Denver’s economy still benefits from having an oil presence. In fact, Denver’s economy would be harmed if the city did not have this type of industry staying afloat. Denver businesses are always concerned about energy costs because of their impact on overhead costs for Denver businesses that operate in buildings with high-energy usage, such as data centers. However, thanks to oil price stability in recent months, Denver businesses within this sector are feeling confident enough to invest in new technologies and expansions.

The third Denver business sector that is making significant investments in 2022 is the food and beverage industry. 

Denver has always been a focus for this industry, as Denverites love to indulge in local foods and drinks. Colorado has a strong craft beer presence, with over 300 breweries statewide. Denver businesses are looking to capitalize on this trend by investing in new taprooms, restaurants, and other food-centric ventures.

Fourth on the list of Denver businesses making large investments in 2022 is the real estate industry. 

Denver continues to be a hotspot for people looking to relocate, as it offers a great quality of life along with ample job opportunities. Denver’s commercial real estate is booming as a result, with prices continuing to rise and vacancy rates hitting historic lows. Denver businesses are investing in new office buildings, apartment complexes, and even mixed-use venues.

Finally, Denver businesses such as Denver International Airport are also making significant investments in 2022.

Denver’s airport is run by a self-sustaining enterprise fund-meaning Denver businesses do not need to pull money from other budgets to pay for the upkeep of their airport. This makes it a prime target for Denver business investment, particularly with Denver International Airport scheduled to see $3 billion worth of improvements over the next decade. These investments will directly benefit Denver’s economy through increased traffic and commercial activity at the world’s largest single-runway commercial airport.

Furthermore, Denver continues to be a hub for information technology service. Denver businesses are focusing on different areas of the future to shape their investments for this goal. Denver is home to some of the largest data centers in the world, and these businesses are seeing significant growth. In order to keep up with this growth, Denver businesses within this industry are investing in new technologies and building new data centers.

All in all, Denver’s businesses are making a wide variety of investments in 2022 that will benefit the city’s economy. These investments will help Denver continue to be one of the most vibrant and prosperous cities in the United States.