5 Graphic Design Tips to Make Your Presentations Pop

Attractive businesswoman presenting her ideas to the rest of the team.

Have you ever seen a graphic design that doesn’t go hand in hand with the topic it is trying to represent? Sometimes graphic design is used in presentations in order to create an aesthetic but can also affect the actual content of what’s being presented. If done incorrectly, graphic design can make or break your presentation. This graphic design article will help better improve your graphic design skills within slideshows, brochures and even social media posts so get ready!

1. Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds states that there are nine equal parts both horizontally and vertically when you look through your frame which consists of four intersecting points. These intersections are where you would place key focal points within the graphic for interest When starting off creating posters or graphic design it is important to keep this graphic design rule in mind. Keeping the key focal points on any graphic design within these nine equal parts will create an aesthetically pleasing graphic instead of having too much clutter or too little interest throughout the graphic.

2. Keep Graphic Design Simple

When creating graphic design, less is more! If you’re looking to get your point across through graphic design, try not to overcomplicate things by adding too many visual interests that may take away from what you are trying to present. The simpler the graphic design, the better because you want people to be able to focus on what the graphic has been created for and nothing else. Whether it’s a poster or a social media graphic, keeping things simple will make sure your graphic design is in the right direction.

3. Make the Graphic Design Fit With Your Topic or Brand

If you are looking to create graphic design for a presentation, brochure or even social media posts graphic design has to fit in with your topic or brand. This can be done by choosing color schemes that go well together because colors are visual elements that play a big role when it comes to graphic design. Not only do they represent personality but graphic designers use colors all the time in order to make visual statements through their work! Using certain colors will capture the attention of people more than others so having graphic designs match up with your personality or branding is important when creating graphic design!

4. Use One Font

When creating graphic design, graphic designers tend to use lots of fonts for their graphic designs. Sometimes graphic designers can go overboard by using too many fonts that don’t match up creating a messy graphic design which takes away from your graphic’s purpose. It is key to understand that graphic design has the power to influence what people think about something. If you want them to think positively, it would be advisable to stick with one font instead of using three or four different ones throughout the graphic design because having multiple fonts within one graphic will make it look busy and unorganized!

5. Keep Your Colors Consistent

When creating graphic design it is important to keep colors consistent throughout your graphic regardless if you are creating an infographic or flyer. These visual elements have meaning behind them so graphic designers tend to use them in graphic design. When graphic design is consistent throughout, people get the same feeling every time they see that graphic which can either be a positive or negative way of thinking about it. It’s up to graphic designers to decide what kind of reaction they want their graphic design to have and colors help with that!

Overall, graphic design is all about creating graphic elements that represent your topic, branding or idea by using colors, fonts and graphic element placement. If you are looking for a graphic designer, check out Wyndetryst Graphic Design Studio. Their services include graphic design options such as brochures and annual reports, logo designs and other graphic design needs! Visit their website today at www.wyndetryst.com if you would like them to help you with any of your graphic design needs!