5 Easy Christmas Gifts That Your Co-Workers Will Love

5 Easy Christmas Gifts That Your Co-Workers Will Love

The holiday season is upon us, and while you may be excited to see family and friends, it can be hard to think of gifts for the people who are always there for you: your co-workers.

When it comes to giving gifts, co-workers can be tricky because they don’t necessarily want anything too personal or expensive—but they also want something that portrays how extensively you care about them. Below are some easy Christmas gifts that your co-workers will love.

1. Reed Diffusers

These are an excellent gift idea for any co-worker who likes to have something nice-smelling in their workspace. They’re easy to make and come with instructions that are easy to follow. There are many different kinds of scents you can use for your diffuser, most of which don’t cost very much.

2. A Bottle of Wine or Champagne

This is another great gift idea because everyone loves having someone else buy their drinks for them. There’s no more satisfactory way to say “thank you” than buying someone’s drink for them — especially if it’s something nice like wine or champagne. If you’re going to do this, make sure it’s for an occasion (like Christmas). If not, it might seem weird to bring in a bottle of wine to work every day without an occasion.

3. A Self-Care Set

Consider a self-care set for your colleagues if you want to give something unique. This could include items like bubble baths, candles, essential oils, or even new socks. Be sure to choose something that reflects their personality and tastes — nothing too generic. For example, if someone likes cooking, consider giving them a cookbook as part of their self-care set (bonus points if they have time to read it while they’re taking their bubble bath). If they love animals, maybe give them an adorable mug with their favorite furry friend on it. The possibilities are endless!

4. Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great Christmas gift for co-workers because they’re easy to give and receive, and there are many options. You can get gift cards for restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, restaurants, or even bookstores.

5. Smart Watch

A smartwatch is a great idea if your co-workers are always glued to their cell phones. It makes it easier for them to check their emails, texts, and other notifications without having to take out their phone from their pocket or purse. There are many different brands of smartwatches on the market today, including Apple Watch Series 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2nd Edition, and the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smartwatch (which comes in multiple colors).

The bottom line is that co-workers can be difficult to shop for. They’re not family, and they’re not exactly friends either. However, that’s no reason for you to totally ignore them when it comes time for gift-giving. And if you don’t want to browse the catalogs this year and just end up wasting your money on an impersonal gift card, why not try out our suggestions? Your co-workers will love you for it.