4 Ways to Make Money Working From Home

Ask just about anyone what they could use more of and you’re likely to hear the answer “money.” Let’s face it, having more money is having more freedom: freedom to travel more or eat out, or freedom to alleviate future financial worry by having a nice, big, bank account. There are a number of ways to make money from home, either to supplement an existing paycheck or to become financially self-reliant.

1. Make Money Selling On-Line


image via Flickr by 401 (K) 2013

Thanks to the widespread availability of high-speed internet access, the potential to make money from home is more of a reality than ever before. Using popular selling websites like eBay and declutter allow the seller to reach a worldwide audience. Turn your old outfits, kitchen-ware, or record collection into cash!

2. Get Paid for Your Opinion

If selling online is too much work for you then what about watching video clips and answering some simple questions? There are a variety of websites currently that allow you to do just that. Log in, watch a 20-minute video clip, then provide some feedback on what you just saw. InboxDollars is one of the sites out there that let you make money while you are sitting on the couch fiddling with your phone.

3. Turn Your Love of Pets into Cash

People love their animals, but sometimes they have to be boarded. Instead of sending their animals to the kennel, these days more pet-owners are choosing to leave their animals with a reputable pet-sitter. Online resources like Rover put pet-owners in contact with sitters. By taking in pets and treating them well, you can establish yourself as a quality pet-sitter and make some real money in the process. Alternatively, you could capitalize on others’ busy lifestyles and start walking dogs for a fee. It’s a great way to make a little extra cash while getting a workout in.

4. Day Trading

Not for the faint of heart, day traders exploit the natural volatility of the stock market to trade on movement and trends. The goal of the day trader is to hitch a ride on a rising stock and get rid of the position before it begins to drop in value. There are a number of tools out there that can help the day trader understand market trends. Trade simulators are a great way to test market aptitude and understanding while suffering no actual losses. Because the day trader is most interested in short-term trends, candlestick charts are a powerful tool for visualizing market movement. These helpful graphs are color-coded in red and greed, red indicating downward movement while green highlights upward trends. While day trading is a great way to make serious money, it is also inherently risky. The best defense against unnecessary losses is a solid base of knowledge. Good advice for the aspiring day trader can be found in this article: day trading for dummies.

Everyone can benefit from having a diverse array of income streams. In the volatile world we live in jobs can come and go, so having a side income and a nest egg is one of the most empowering ways to feel financially confident while navigating an ever-changing fiscal landscape.