4 Tips for Throwing a Successful Nonprofit Fundraiser Outdoors

4 Tips for Throwing a Successful Nonprofit Fundraiser Outdoors

An outdoor fundraiser can be a great way to engage your community and raise money for your cause. But planning and executing a successful event takes some careful consideration. Here are four tips to help you make the most of your outdoor fundraiser.

1. Choose the Right Venue

When selecting a venue for your outdoor fundraiser, you’ll want to consider both the practicalities and the aesthetics. Aesthetically, you’ll want to choose a venue that complements your event’s theme and provides a beautiful backdrop for your festivities. Practically speaking, you’ll want to ensure the venue is large enough to accommodate your expected attendance and that adequate parking and restrooms are available. You’ll also want to ensure the venue is accessible for those with disabilities.

2. Plan for Bad Weather

No one likes to think about the possibility of bad weather on their big day, but it’s always best to be prepared. Anything from a light rain shower to a full-blown thunderstorm can damage your outdoor fundraiser. So, be sure to have a contingency plan in place if the weather turns for the worse. This might mean renting a large tent to provide shelter for guests or having an indoor backup location available. If it’s a summer event, ensure adequate shade and water are available to keep your guests comfortable.

3. Have a Refrigerated Unit for Food

Outdoors requires that you take extra care of your food. This is especially important if you will be serving hot foods. You will need a place to keep your food at the correct temperatures and a refrigerated unit. Use refrigerated boxes or reefers to keep your food items at the correct temperatures. Unlike refrigerated boxes, which only use ice, reefers have a small generator that uses Freon to keep your food at the correct temperatures. They are attacked by trucks and work great for keeping large quantities of food.

4. Have Plenty of Activities

Keep your guests entertained by having plenty of activities planned. If your fundraiser is for a children’s charity, have face painting, clowns, and other activities geared towards kids. If your fundraiser is for an environmental cause, plan nature hikes or scavenger hunts. Having a variety of activities will ensure that there is something for everyone and that your guests are having a good time. You don’t want a scenario where people are bored and leave early.

Also, include refreshments in the list of activities. This could be anything from bottled water and snacks in the summertime to hot cocoa and cookies in the winter. Having refreshments will help keep your guests comfortable and hydrated throughout the event. Refreshments also give guests a nice thank you for their time and donations.

The activities should be geared towards the cause as well. If you are raising money for a new playground, have activities that will be held on the playground. This will let potential donors see how their money is being used and increase their chances of giving.