4 Tips for Designing a Custom Exhibit to Showcase a Brand

4 Tips for Designing a Custom Exhibit to Showcase a Brand

If you are planning on attending an upcoming trade show or perhaps a local festival, having an exhibit that catches everyone’s attention and showcases your brand to its fullest potential is crucial in today’s competitive business environment. Yet if this is your first foray into showcasing your brand, you may still be wondering how to create an exhibit that sets you apart from everyone else. If so, here are four tips you can use to design a fantastic exhibit.

1- Don’t Overdo Graphics

When designing your custom exhibit, be careful to not go crazy and have the entire display be basically nothing but graphics. While it’s important to use graphics to catch people’s attention, too much of a good thing will have your exhibit out of balance in terms of graphics and text. The best exhibits tell a story by using graphics to draw people to the display and then have just enough text to get people interested in your products or services. Once people start stopping by to look and chat, you’ll then be able to go into greater detail about you and your brand.

2- Incorporate Videos Into Your Exhibit

Along with having a perfect balance of graphics and text for your exhibit, consider incorporating videos into your display. In various marketing studies, videos have been found to be as much as 600 percent more effective at catching people’s attention than print ads. Playing videos at your booth gives people who are walking by the chance to pause and take a look at what you have to offer. Since trade shows are usually very crowded, a video display will showcase your creativity while also being very informative to potential clients and customers.

3- Offer Giveaways

People always love to get something for free. When designing your custom exhibit, giving away freebies as part of your exhibit will get you and your brand popular in a hurry. When trying to decide what to give away to people who stop by your booth, try to be as innovative as possible. Instead of simply giving away ink pens with your company name and logo on them, try other products such as reusable water bottles or phone cases, since these are two items that are used by people of all ages in today’s world.

4- Show Off Your Awards

Finally, if your company or some of its products have been recognized as being the best in your industry, make sure your exhibit shows off your awards. For example, make sure you display any trophies, plaques, certificates, or other awards very prominently within your booth. Along with catching people’s attention, these will also demonstrate that your brand is indeed one of the best, setting the stage for potential customers and clients to quickly trust you and what you have to offer.

Once you put these four tips into practice when designing your custom exhibit, it won’t take long for you to realize your booth is the must-see stop for trade show attendees, guaranteeing your brand will be showcased in a positive light.