4 Thing Your Employees Need Training For

Training your employees contributes to a great extent to the growth of your business. When you equip your employees with the knowledge, skills, and training they need, you create the platform for your business to run smoothly.

Here are a few statistics to show you the importance of training your employees:

  • About 56% of human resource managers consider employee training and development a key business enabler.
  • Investment in employee training and development accounts for 24% of a company’s total profit margins.
  • Around 40% of poorly-trained employees leave their jobs within the first year of employment.
  • 84% of top-performing employees in any company have gained all the professional training needed at their workplace.

Employee training is something that you should consider for your employees. But, what key areas should you focus the training and development of employees in? Read on to find out:

4 Key Areas You Should Train Your Employees On

Knowing the key areas your employees need the training in is key in designing a training program that will give them the skills and knowledge they need in the workplace.

Here are some key training areas you should consider for your employees:

  1. IT Best Practices

The advancement in information technology has created a demand for technology skills in the workplace. Embracing technology doesn’t have to be about expertise in information and communication but developing IT best practices.

With every organization embracing technology, you need to have a team that’s knowledgeable in different aspects of IT to align your organization with the market and industry needs. Contact a managed service provider like this  IT company in Lehi if you need help developing best practices

Train your team on critical IT best practices such as keeping software and hardware updated, maintaining a standard working environment, avoid complacency, especially for security issues. Ideally, employees should adopt IT best practices for operations, security compliance, service management, and governance.

  1. Emergency Situations/Drills

Emergencies are prone to occur in any workplace. How you train your employees to handle drills and emergencies is important for a smooth process. For instance, with correct training, your employees will know their expected response in case of an emergency or a drill. 

Such knowledge ensures that everyone remains safe during emergencies because there are laid-out protocols for the employees to follow in such cases.

  1. Important HR Information

The human resource aspect of your company plays a significant role in ensuring that HR processes are followed to the latter. With the employees knowing the various HR processes to follow and aspects to adhere to, it becomes easy to run your organization.

For example, some important HR elements such as benefits administration and leave management become easy when every employee understands them. Therefore, you should train your employees on HR issues such as reducing risk and liability, health and wellness, organizational development, and managerial development.

  1. Project Management

Project management training has become a key focus during employee training in modern times, especially if you deal with varied and complex projects. Project management’s right skills will help your employees avoid high-stress levels, wasted effort, hefty expenses, and damaged reputation.

With the correct skills, the workers gain the competencies they need to deliver any project successfully. Well-trained employees in project management reduce the probability of errors in the projects, reducing the chances of your business suffering in the long run.

Employee training shouldn’t be an afterthought – it ought to be a well-calculated approach with smart goals to achieve. Therefore, ensure continuous training and development to equip your team with the skills and knowledge necessary for your business’s growth.