4 Reasons You Should Opt for Packaging Automation

One of the biggest concerns for businesses is having to constantly deal with rising costs and trying to find ways to make savings whichever way they can. But thankfully, there are many ways companies nowadays can reduce operation costs, and one of them is through automation, or more specifically, packaging automation. Let’s take a look at why your business could benefit from automated packaging solutions.

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Increased Productivity

One of the biggest advantages of automated packaging machinery is that is can complete tasks much faster than any human can. Whether you’re trying to wrap multiple items, or seal and erect boxes at a consistent rate, you just can’t beat automation. At the end of the day, if you have to pack a lot of volume, you have no choice but to embrace automation if you want to be able to keep up.

For instance, at a regular rate, it would take the average worker about 14 hours to erect 2500 boxes. Take a case erector from a company like INSITE Packaging for instance, and you reduce that packing time by 10 hours. This is a significant difference that will not only allow you to redirect your workforce towards more important tasks, but will also allow you to pay for the machine in work hours saved in no time.

Safer Work Environment

Another area where employers will see the benefit of packaging automation is safety. If your employees constantly have to pack cumbersome and heavy items, the risk for accidents becomes greater. If that is the case in your operation, you have to factor in all the hours in missed time you have to pay, higher turnover rates, and you also have to introduce health and safety programs to ensure compliance. Automation allows you to create a safer working environment, allowing you to reduce the costs related with workplace injuries and implementing security measures.

Higher Quality

Another great thing with automation is that it eliminates human error. The results are much more predictable with automation and you’ll know that each and every package gets the proper level of protection through a standardized process.

Reduces Wastage

Waste is an issue a lot of companies are trying to tackle, and automation allows you to reduce wastage by reducing the amount of packaging needed.

Automated machines will cut material to size and use the least amount possible while giving your items the maximum amount of protection. You’ll also be able to reduce your total packaging costs by reducing the amount of material you have to buy and preventing over ordering those materials. Not to mention how expensive and fluctuating labor extensive processes can be. Standardized packaging makes it much easier to calculate packaging per product costs and make budget forecasts.

The benefits of packaging automation are just too many to fit in this article. If you feel your packaging line is ready for automation, you should seriously consider the option and talk with a professional to see if automation would be the right choice for your operation.