4 Car Modifications You Can Do in Your Own Garage

4 Car Modifications You Can Do in Your Own Garage

Whether you’re looking for a way to create more horsepower, improve fuel efficiency, or want a unique style statement on the road, car modifications are something many people take seriously. However, not everyone can afford the expensive options available through professional dyno shops and other performance-oriented garages.

1. Tires and Wheels

It is undoubtedly a viable option, especially if you have experience as a mechanic. Simply by doing some essential maintenance on your vehicle, you can quickly increase your car’s performance capabilities. One way to do this is to replace the stock tires and wheels with more durable ones. It may take a few hours spent with a lift and hose to clean up the old tires, but you’ll reap the rewards later in improved fuel economy and increases in overall acceleration.

2. Cold Air Intake

Depending on the make and model of your car, chances are that you can install a cold air intake at home. It is a cost-effective way to increase performance without spending hundreds on a new motor. It requires a professional-grade socket set, basic wrenching skills, and the proper measurements to ensure you get it installed properly. Additionally, you can also upgrade your current exhaust system with the addition of mufflers and other performance-oriented parts.

3. Cat-Back Exhaust

While it is true that many aspects of your car directly impact how well your car performs, the quality of the exhaust system is probably one of the most important. Properly maintained will ensure that your vehicle operates at peak efficiency and has ample power to get where you’re going. However, if you don’t have a lot of experience with exhaust systems, it’s probably not something you want to attempt doing yourself.

4. Replacements for the Worn-Out Rubber Pieces in Your Suspension

Worn-out suspension components are a common cause of poor handling and all-around poor performance of your vehicle. Whether it’s the tires, the shocks, or even the ball joints, any of these is replaceable to improve driving performance. Even if you don’t have much experience with taking apart and putting your vehicle’s suspension system back together, it’s not too difficult to learn how to do it by watching online tutorials. Replacing worn-out parts is a relatively inexpensive way to get your car back on track; however, it will still take some time and patience. Visit twostepperformance.com for more information on cost-effective upgrades.

There are several ways you can improve your car’s performance without spending a lot of money. Whether replacing worn-out parts or just improving your driving habits, there are many ways to make your vehicle go faster and get better gas mileage. However, with any modification, there is usually some level of risk involved. If you have no experience taking apart and putting your vehicle’s components back together, it may be better to leave these things to the professionals. The best way to get the most out of any modification, whether a simple cold air intake or an expensive engine swap, is to ensure that you match the right parts with your car’s make and model.