4 Advantages Of Using A Bluetooth Mesh Network

4 Advantages Of Using A Bluetooth Mesh Network

Companies everywhere are waking up and starting to realize that implementing a mesh network is the best choice for them if they want to remain relevant well into the future. While various technologies are being employed across the nation to achieve this goal, it remains inarguable that Bluetooth is the best option for most companies aiming to leverage a mesh network for success in the marketplace.

So why should you choose to employ a Bluetooth-based strategy, and what specific advantages will you gain from it that others who shun it will miss out on? Check out these boons that you’ll soon be enjoying if you rely on a Bluetooth mesh network, and your company will be clamoring to adopt it in no time.

#1: Stay relevant in a rapidly changing market

In today’s tech-dominated world, it seems that the best tool for any given job seems to change on an almost daily basis. With a Bluetooth mesh network, however, your company will be employing a future-proof piece of tech that’s already undergone countless revolutions, ensuring that it remains relevant even as tech trends rapidly come and go.

A Bluetooth mesh network won’t just save you serious money compared to a traditional network, being easier to set up and cheaper to upgrade as time goes on, but will also serve to stand the tests of time better than virtually any of its competitors. Today’s Bluetooth is fundamentally different than the Bluetooth of the past, showing that the company that’s helped pioneer wireless communications tech remains capable of adjusting its course in the event it encounters an insurmountable challenge in the market.

When it comes to choosing which network your company will rely on, whether it’s a furniture company like Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture or any other company, you’ll want one that is flexible, capable of quickly adapting to new changes and ensuring you don’t fall behind while waiting on upgrades. No one can ensure your mesh network will stay up to date better than Bluetooth can.

#2: Cut out the middle-man

Of course, always staying up to date isn’t the only thing that your company or household should keep in mind if it’s considering adopting a Bluetooth mesh network. All businesses and homeowners alike should aim to cut out the middle-man whenever possible to generally cut down on the cost of doing business or enjoying their devices, and Bluetooth has the back of your home and business there, too. 

Rather than linking each of your devices to networks via your smartphone, for instance, Bluetooth mesh networks connect to one another, making them ideal for companies and households eager to cash in on the ongoing Internet of Things boom. For individuals and businesses alike, the ability to simplify connectivity will prove invaluable in both saving you money in the long-term and avoiding the frustration of connecting a myriad of devices in a confusing networked maze in the short-term.

#3: Keep your data secure

In today’s interconnected age, few things are as important to individual consumers and large corporations alike as their data security and privacy. Adopting a Bluetooth mesh network to meet the needs of your smart home or business is an ideal way to put security at the forefront of your tech-driven lifestyle, as all messages in the network are highly encrypted, with a two-level authentication process that ensures your information remains private.

Bluetooth mesh networks aren’t just significantly cheaper than their competitors, then, but are safer and more secure, too. What else could you ask for in a network?

#4: Greater range with lesser power usage

The most important questions that remains as you consider whether to choose a Bluetooth mesh network most likely revolve around questions of power usage and range, and for good reason. Many who are familiar with Bluetooth’s early history may be concerned that employing its mesh network could lessen the range of their devices, but the truth is that Bluetooth’s recent innovations allow for greater range while also using extraordinarily little power.

Whether you’re trying to turn a profit as a business or just trying to cut back on your electric bill for your smart home, a Bluetooth mesh network will remain incredibly efficient when it comes to power usage, and the network will cope well with low-power gadgets that are increasingly populating today’s cutting-edge smart homes. With a Bluetooth mesh network, you won’t just enjoy solid reliability, but will reap in countless long-term savings, too. As new software upgrades are released, you’ll find it cheap and easy to stay up to date, and will never have to worry about your data privacy in a world increasingly defined by data-breaches and hacks. Bluetooth has come a long way since its inception, and its mesh networking capabilities are virtually unmatched in today’s market; choose a Bluetooth mesh network for your smart home or business, and you’ll find yourself well-served for years to come.