3 Most Important Cybersecurity Trends for 2022

partial view of hacker using laptops at tabletop with smartphone, cyber security concept

In cybersecurity, as with most things in the world today, change is an integral part of operations. In 2022 it’s estimated that cybersecurity companies will have to adapt to three most important cybersecurity trends which are expected to characterize the workplace both online and offline.

The first most important cybersecurity trend is a massive increase in web-based attacks. It has been found that hackers tend to favor web-based techniques over other approaches because they consider them easier and more cost effective. Therefore, cybersecurity professionals can expect many more cyberattacks on this front going forward, especially if no preventive measures are taken by business owners and managers. These cyberattacks usually rely on vulnerabilities such as improperly patched systems or obsolete software. To combat such problems proactively, cybersecurity experts advise that organizations conduct extensive tests on their cybersecurity solutions and ensure that they are all fully functional at all times.

The second most important cybersecurity trend is a growth in targeted attacks which will happen through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Some cybersecurity experts have stated, for example, that hackers might try to harness facial recognition software to log into workers’ computers and perform unauthorized actions such as sending out important data to third parties without the employees’ knowledge. To protect against such attacks, cybersecurity professionals recommend taking extra care when logging into one’s personal accounts online and also when granting access permissions when working remotely or when authorizing other users when working from a computer in an office or shared location. The solution for this particular cybersecurity problem therefore lies in cybersecurity managers and individual employees developing strategies which will allow both cybersecurity professionals and regular employees to feel in control of their cybersecurity when working online.

The third most important cybersecurity trend is the increased number of cybersecurity job opportunities. Many cybersecurity jobs such as cybersecurity managers will become available during this time period, along with various other types of positions which require experience and education within cybersecurity. Interested individuals should therefore start making preparations for what they hope to do in the future so that they can take advantage of these new cybersecurity gaps and get ahead of many others who might also be interested in them. On top of that, existing cybersecurity professionals need to focus on learning more about cybersecurity trends and how to stay ahead of changes within the industry itself.

These 3 cybersecurity trends will only increase cybersecurity effectiveness and awareness within companies and government agencies across the globe.