11 Amazing Gifts for a busy Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means knowing the industry inside and out and being able to use that knowledge to create new opportunities. Entrepreneurs usually work late at night, take risks and are constantly busy, so having a friend or a family member who’s an entrepreneur can be a bit stressful.

It’s the season of gift giving and that can be a bit stressful. If the people around you know what they want, then you are one of the lucky ones!

But if your friends don’t have any specific wishes or if they have pretty much everything they want, it can be a hard task to find a good gift for them. This is especially difficult when it comes to people who work from home or people who are constantly busy and have a different schedule than the rest. We are going to help you choose some amazing gifts for your busy entrepreneur friends!

These are the things they will enjoy the most and that will not make a hole in your pocket!

1.     Tile Mate for not losing things

Do you know where your keys are? What about your wallet? Everyone has at least one little “heart attack” per day because they can’t remember where their most prized possessions are. Busy people tend to misplace things more than the rest of us.

These small devices can be put on a keychain, in your wallet or even on the remote. If you cannot find your keys, just use the app on your smart device and tile mate will start beeping so you can find your “lost” things.

2.     Whiteboard

The digital time tried to replace boards and to some extent it did. However, many of us think better when they see everything in front of them without having to scroll up or down, or tap on the screen so it doesn’t turn off.

Whiteboard is an amazing gift for entrepreneurs. They will be able to write down their thoughts, make plans and draw things. No charger needed, no other tabs opened. They will love this gift!

3. Loose Tea Leafs 

Loose tea leaves are very popular these days. They’re convenient, versatile and easy to dispose of. According to Kool8, loose tea leaves have more flavor than pre-packaged ones, you can have as much or as little of them as you want and they can help you save a lot of money in the long run. I personally love the TiestaTea, Pina colada flavor and I strongly recommend it. But there are dozens of options out there on Amazon to choose from.  

4.     Bluetooth Headphones

According to TechRadar, Good Bluetooth headphones are hard to find. Spend some time, research and find the ones that will have no problem connecting with the phone and the ones that will not fall out whenever the person turns their head.

Trust us, your friend NEEDS one of those pair. They will be so happy and will praise you! Another option are Airpods or the cheaper version of them. Depending on your budget, you can buy different types of headphones for your friend.

5.     Twinkie in Time

The best gift to show someone how much they mean to you. With these star maps you can show them you didn’t forget your special day or their birthday! You can pick a specific date and location, add a personalized message and give the gift of the stars! Whenever your friend or loved one sees the map, it will put a smile on their faces. You can find Twinkie in Time at www.twinkleintime.com.

6.     Portable Chargers

When was the last time you tried to reach your friend and their phone was turned off? Airplane mode could be one reason for that, but chances are, they drained their battery. That is why a portable charger is probably the best gift idea for entrepreneurs. It is definitely one of life-altering technologies.

There are some chargers that are wallet slim and they can be used anywhere. Your friend will be grateful and they will use this gift all the time!

7.     LONG Charging Cable

When you are laying in bed and have a lot of good ideas at 3AM, it’s important to have your phone next to you. Or if you cannot sleep, instead of turning and tossing around, you can play on your phone, or more likely, check emails. That is why a long charging cable is a great gift for your hustling friends. There are cables that are about 6 feet long and they will love their new gift!

8.     A Really Big Mug

Coffee is important, especially for those late nights. A really big mug can be a practical and fun thing. You can customize it and have anything you want written on it.

9.     Smart Watch

This is a great idea so you never lose an important notification. How many times have you seen an email an hour too late? With a smart watch, your entrepreneur friend will never forget a meeting or miss a call. It will also remind them that they need to take a walk and keep track of their sleeping cycle.  

10.  Protein Coffee

The human body is 70% coffee. Or was that water? If your friend works late nights, they need a lot of coffee to stay awake and to stay focused. Why not give them the best coffee? Protein Coffee is something that will help your loved ones power through the day or night. You can find the best blends and choose a premium blend coffee that is low in fat, calories and sugar.

11.  Waterproof Notepad

Why this is a good idea? Well, how many times have you been in the shower, had a great idea and nowhere to write it? Yes, there are waterproof smartphones, but if you’ve tried to type anything when the device is wet, you know that that’s an impossible task. The waterproof notepad is something you can just stick on the shower door or the tiles and never lose an idea.

 Whatever you give your friends or family members, remember, it’s the thought that counts. However, with these amazing gifts, you cannot go wrong and the entrepreneurs around you will love you because of them! Is there anything else you’d like to add to this list? What do you think the best gift is for busy people?