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3 Killer Gifts for the Coffee Aficionado

It can get tricky shopping for a coffee aficionado, especially when it seems they have more than enough gadgets to produce a quality cup of joe. Every coffee drinker has about a dozen mugs and a cupboard of fancy blends, but what else is out there? We’ve gathered a few of the top must-haves to ..
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Best software for shooting video tutorials

To shoot ‘How-To’ videos for your blog, website or proprietary products, you may need to capture a computer screen and add voiceovers, visual elements and annotations. While this task seems simple, it may be difficult to make an informed choice. Screen capture products allow for recording any portions of your screen, add text and audio, ..
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Why the music industry is booming right now

Last year saw the fastest growth in the music industry in 23 years – the last time growth was this strong, Boyz II Men were topping the charts. Recorded music sales in 2017 grew by an impressive 17% to $8.7 billion in the USA last year – but what was the reason? One main cause ..
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The Strong Will of Barbara Stokes

Who is Barbara Stokes? Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure Homes LLC. This is a company that is based in Huntsville, and Stokes founded this company with her husband. Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a degree in Biomedical engineering and physics. Stokes is also a devoted mother of three children, and she ..
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