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5 Reasons Your Car is Costing You So Much Money

Remember the freedom and excitement you felt the first time you drove your new car off the lot? For many people, that feeling quickly fades and is replaced with the reality of mounting expenses. If you’re wondering where all your money is going each month, here are five reasons your car is costing you so ..
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10 Careers that Offer Independence

We all want something different out of our careers. Some of us want to make sure we spend their days with people. For others, they’d rather have some space. For others, the number of coworkers isn’t a big deal, but the number of bosses is. If you have a hard time dealing with incompetent managers, ..
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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

According to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment is the act of harassing an individual, male or female, based on the person’s sex. The behavior may include asking for sexual favors, verbal or physical harassment containing a sexual component, or unwelcome advances. The harassment is not limited to a sexual nature ..
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4 Reasons to Buy an Electric Vehicle

Are you noticing more of your neighbours installing electric car charging stations, and wondering whether or not you should make the leap to a greener ride? While most cars still require a gas-powered engine, there’s no doubt that you’re sharing the road with more electric vehicles (EVs) than ever before. If you’re questioning whether or ..
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